What Are You Playing This Weekend?

A curious thing happened this week. I requested a review copy of a game... on PC. I've not done that in quite a long time.

Sure, I get PC games sent to me regularly. But this was different. I chose the PC version of Mafia II over its console counterparts. It's been years since I've done that with a multi-format game.

And it's because, after far too long, I have a gaming PC worthy of playing the latest games.

While I'm taking my new PC for a real test run (Minecraft doesn't really count!) what are you going to be playing this weekend?


    So where is the mouse or keyboard in the post pic, David?

    I still haven't settled on which title from my back catalogue I want to play, at this stage it is between Heavy Rain and Fable 2.

      she is the mouse and keyboard

        ... tap her all day long.

        I'm sorry.

    Some guy ordered me to play some more FarCry 2 so I'm heading deeper into the savannah with that.

      Good man.

    Mafia 2, Mass Effect 2 and Chrono Trigger.

    I am currently putting together my entry for the "Show Us Yours" comp and then I shall settle down for some Starcraft 2, Lara Croft and Forza 3 with my new little toy that may make an appearence in my entry.

    I am going to be hitting up some Shank I think. I downloaded the demo last night and damn it was fun. BUT, it is such a nice day in Canberra today... wouldn't mind getting out there.

    I have a 7 hour MTB race on tomorrow so maybe I will get my outside quota then.

    I was like that when I got my new computer a couple of years ago but it kinda got annoying when most of the games I tried were designed for console, so most of the time I ended up using a controller anyway...
    I seem to only be getting new PC games now when Steam has a sale.

    Mafia II on PC - but using a 360 controller because the driving cars with a keyboard just doesn't work for me.

    The Witcher - I'm late I know but $20 on steam and with mates shocked that I haven't played it, I caved. Enjoying it so far.

    Between my moments of boredom, I'll no doubt be playing some Scott Pilgrim. Started on it the other day and it's definitly one I'll be going back to again and again for a while yet ;)

    I bought Hybrid: Eternal Whisper on the App Store and I'm enjoying it. It's a fluent hack-and-slash that is very fun to play. I'll probably be playing that this weekend while dabbling into World of Warcraft every now and then.

    A bit of Vagrant Story and Persona 3 on PSP

    Mafia 2 on the pc is meant to be better anyway. Im doing the same thing. Probably throw in some levelling up in bad co 2 on ps3 or borderlands on 360.

    World in Conflict maybe some Red Dead

    More The Saboteur. 82% story missions 72% freeplay targets... I don't want to have to hang around blowing things up hours after the story is over so am hitting all the targets on the way to the missions. Taking forever but better than post-game-grind I suppose.

    Good O David! My highest priority in life (slightly above eating) is making sure I have an adequate gaming PC. However, I still find myself picking up a lot of multi-platform games for my Xbox, as I've grown tired of lacklustre half-assed PC ports. Let me know if the Mafia PC port is any good, I'd really like to be able to play that one on my PC!

      Hey Steven, Mafia II isn't a PC port. It was built from the ground up on all 3 platforms. ;)

    Finding the rest of the feathers in Assassin's Creed 2. Might play through the Halo trilogy in preparation for Reach, too.

    I would love to be playing Elemental: War of Magic, but it looks like it needs a few patches before it's worth getting :(.
    Otherwise I'll try to finish off the last level of SCII on my hard run.

    StarCraft 1
    Yes, not 2. One.

      There's a Starcraft 1

        Nah I'm just playing the Beta version of StarCraft 2.

        Silly jokes aside, I think I prefer StarCraft 1 over StarCraft 2 at the moment.

    replaying dragon age origins and gonna get the expansion and all the dlc

    care to share the specs? :D

    At this rate - nothing I think. A little bit of SC2 multiplayer, but I went through the releases coming out between now and the end of the year, and it's almost worth taking a rest, doing other things, and then waiting for the big releases to hit later this year.

    inFamous, Scott Pilgrim, UC2 Online, and I've started downloading the Shank demo. I'm hoping Shank is a good game, it seems fun!

    I bought R&C: Tools of Destruction so probably going to give that a quick play. Unreal Tournament 3 on PC also.

    Ive gotten back into The Last Remnant, a game that always falls off to the side every time an Alan Wake or Mass Effect 2 come out.

      I got up to the final battle but lost interest in it as the entire game seemed so half-assed.

    Monday Night Combat (still...!)

    MAG with the new patch, and maybe some beta as well (it's pretty fantastic, ridiculous knifing aside.)

    DoDonPachi Resurrection (on the iPhone)

    NFS: Shift with the overhaul mod on PC - getting my 'need-GT5-nao' fix here!

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