What Did Tekken Developers Think Of The Tekken Movie?

You hated the Tekken movie? You're not alone. The guys that make Tekken hate it, too.

"That Hollywood movie is terrible," Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada tweeted. "We were not able to supervise that movie (It was cruel contract) I'm not interested in that mv."

The movie, which stars... some actors, has gotten a theatrical release in Japan, but not in the west. Last month, it got its English theatrical premiere in Singapore. Its release is straight-to-video in the US.

And because of that, it probably has done more to harm the Tekken brand than help it.

Harada_TEKKEN [Twitter via CVG]


    This film is indeed a disgrace to the tekken franchise. I can't decide what's worst - this or SF: legend of chun li... Probably this.

      are you serious? you actually believe that tekken was worse than the legend of chun li.
      tekken may have been nothing special but at least it had a lot of characters from the game who looked their part and it had some decent fights.
      legend of chun li had barely any characters from the game, had crappy fights and was an absolute joke all round.
      the van damme one was better than that trash.

      Full Disclosure: I haven't seen this movie nor am I a Tekken fan but I know without a doubt it was not worse than the abortion that was the Chun-Li movie. It kills me that the guy who wrote the script is now working on Shadow of the Colossus. I wasn't able to finish the Legend of Chun-Li it was so bad.

    The should of known better then to allow this to happen. Want something done properly then DIY. Namco really should of just done a CG movie themselves. Speaking of which, wasn't Sammo Hung meant to direct a CG Soul Calibur movie ages ago??

    I thought the Tekken movie was much better than I expected it to be.


    It's pretty decent and I don't even really think Tekken is a good fighting game. Fuck the haters.

      quote "...I don’t even really think Tekken is a good fighting game"

      thats why you thought it was decent. good for you.
      people with a bit more passion for the franchise (like its producer) would think otherwise.

      Fuck the haters you say? but preceed that comment with "I dont think Tekken is a good fighting game"

      You sir are ignorant. Tekken can claim something most of the other fighting games cannot. Extreme complexity at the highest level with practically all 60 characters viable in a tournament setting.

      It's easily one of the best fighting games.

      This movie was an abomination

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