What Do You Do With Your Old Games?

What Do You Do With Your Old Games?

Are you a collector? Or a serial trader? Maybe you’re full of charity? Or perhaps just a hoarder?

You can only choose one option, so pick the one you do most often. And then explain why you do it in the comments below.


  • I trade them in once I’ve finished them, as I don’t have the time to repeatedly play the same game. Heck, I don’t even usually hang around for DLC unless I love the game (e.g. Fallout 3, Oblivion)!

    What’s the point of leaving them on the shelf gathering dust? I’d rather keep experiencing something new and different.

    • I used to trade up until a few months ago. Now with the abysmal trade in prices they give for games, I prefer to keep them :\

  • Usually end up selling most of my games on eBay. Never trade in. I have a collection of about 20 ‘keepers’ which I loved, I know I’ll play again, or I feel will become valuable. Eg: Red Dead, GTA IV, SotC, ICO, Zelda Link to Past for SNES.

  • I am a displayer / hoarder. Having moved and lived in 50 plus houses in my 35 years, you get used to having your games collection in boxes.
    Just moved this weekend but am getting everything out this time.
    Must get a few pics of them for the ‘Show us yours’ section.

    • I’m exactly the same which is my excuse for such a poor “show us yours” showing last week. I only keep games consoles I have a childhood connection to. The memories are the priceless element for me. I don’t understand people who collect everything ever made and get multiple consoles of the same type even if they never owned or played one before.

    • Surely you’d just try to eat them, along with entire planets. Like Cybertron. Fear the great Unicron!

      You got the touch! You got the powaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

  • I’m a collector – i will never ever trade in a game, regardless of how terrible it is… terrible games could mean there is less of them, hence they MAY eventually be worth more… in my head at least… then again, it’s not as if i’d ever actually sell them…

    • I’m with you on this one loops. I don’t care how terrible a game is, I’ll keep it. Hell, I still have a copy of Fusion Frenzy for original xbox, and I don’t even have that xbox anymore :0
      I also bought a copy of sega all stars tennis for $2, and it’s utter shit.. but it will never leave my collection!

      • Pfft… i’ve got fusion frenzy 1 and 2, rumble roses, bmx xxx, dave mirra BMX, Too human… the list goes on and on…

          • haha too human could have been A LOT better.. i’m actually hoping they do make a sequel, as i really want to know what happens next.. i finished the game so i think they owe me now!

            I didn’t mind the story at all.. it was just completely flawed in gameplay.

    • I keep them, too. Even the bad ones (*cough* Two Worlds *cough*).

      In fact, of all the games I’ve ever owned, the only ones I don’t still have are my Sega Megadrive 2 and Atari 7800 games, which my dear mother sold at a swap-meet many, many years ago. Curses!

  • I’ve occasionally traded games in, but rarely. It’s got to have been over a year since I’ve played it, or wanted to play it, before I’ll consider getting rid of it. Any game I like, I tend to keep.

  • I generally keep my games, but some games that make me bored/angry or I just don’t care for, I trade in. Fortunately, I’ve done this only thrice.

  • I have traded in most and keep some I love (GTA, Shadow of the Colossus).

    But I realise trading in is a mugs game. I have never ebay’ed anything in my life. Is it particularly difficult to get started?

    • Not sure if the process has changed since I signed up 5yrs ago but its about as hard as signing up to xbox live or psn, with a bit of waiting involved for eBay to deliver a letter. Same goes for Paypal, which you will need to be a seller, but which is really handy.

      • Cheers mate. I should get off my bum and get it done.

        Also need to clear out some DVD’s as well that I never watch (although I know I probably will get bugger all for them).

  • I tend to hoard, but only cause I’m too lazy to do anything about my collection. If it did reach a point it was taking up to much space I’d probably just trash the stuff rather than going through the effort of selling it.

    I left a lot of stuff behind when I left my parents place a few years ago, and I haven’t picked up enough new stuff since to worry about space.

    At this point a may never have to worry about it. As a primarily PC gamer I’ve switched almost entirely to digital distribution. I have a small console collection, but that doesn’t even take up a single shelf yet.

  • Wow that is really surprising, at the time of my comment the ‘keeping’ percentage is a whooping 83% with the recycled percentage at only around 13%

    Personally I went through a period where I’d trade my games in but even though I’m not one to revisit an old game all that often I’ve regretted it a little later on. I think I’m also pretty particular about what games I buy so tend to want to keep a hold of them as I enjoyed playing them.

    With stats like this it is hard to understand how the publishers cry fowl over second hand sales. Surely there is more than enough markup to cover 10%-15% of stock being recycled.

  • Fully depends on quality.
    If i believe that a game was well worth the money I paid for it then i will gladly keep it for all of eternity.
    If i believe it was good enough that i want to play it again (not that i will) then I’ll keep it.
    if however it is something that i have no real feelings for then I’ll trade it in.

    i tend to be a game library for a lot of my friends as well so i keep a wide range of games. that said i do have a few games in my shelf now that im not exactly thrilled with and would trade instantly if they were actually worth anything

  • I generally keep them… I’ve traded in stuff I don’t play / can’t stand / was crap, but I usually do that in groups of about 10 or 15 games at a time.

    • Dude, how many rubbish games do you buy?!?
      Read some reviews first? 😛

      Yeah, impulse buys can be rather disappointing, no?

      Then again, Chrono Trigger on the Nintendo DS was an impulse buy for me, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

  • I’ve got two kids and I fool myself that any game that interested me is bound to be fascinating to them several years from now when consoles are all holographic and interactively create the perfect gaming experience every time…

    Surely they’ll want to play old Amiga and Saturn games rather than the newest LEGO games, right? 🙂

  • If it’s a game I love, like World Grand Prix, Burnout 3, or Rayman 2, I’ll hold onto it forever.
    If I get sick of it after a couple of weeks, I’ll trade it in.

  • Displayer / Pack Away person reporting for duty…

    PS3/360/Wii/PSP are on display
    PS2/PSone are packed away, along with a few other oddities, as well as all the Limited Edition crap that I’ve picked up, love my crap!

    Need more shelves!

  • I never sell or trade in my games. Usually they get boxed up and put in storage when I’m cleaning. They usually stay there until I give them away to friends. So I’ve got a pretty big collection of games and consoles but its not really a collection collection.
    I only really keep current generation stuff on display. Right now I’ve got two XBOX 360’s, a PS3 and a Wii plugged in with a few DVD racks full of games (although I keep the GameCube games in the racks with the Wii games). Once you throw controllers into the mix there’s just no room for things like the SNES.

  • I keep them ALL and have them on my shelf and its beautiful. I never know when I want to go back to something for fun or nostalgia.

    I’ve traded in ONE game in my life, Saints Row 2 on PS3.
    Then 2 weeks later I bought it back.
    Never again <3 <3

  • My fiancee and I have a giant collection. She never sells anything, but if I don’t like a game or never see myself ever replaying it, I’ll usually part with it. We have the vast majority of our collection on display, but it’s getting harder as it gets bigger. Collectors/Limited/Special editions make it a little more challenging with their unconventional shapes too.

  • I hoard. I don’t have a big collection, but I don’t trade because the trade in values are ridiculous. It’s not hurting me keeping them, anyway. 🙂

  • I voted keep them as I’m new to console gaming, and PC games aren’t as easy to transfer.

    That said recently I traded in a swag of DS games for a few Wii and PS3 ones. I know trading is the devil, but it’s just so easy compared to selling individually and posting them all over the country.

  • I would have voted ‘display them’ but i don’t have anywhere to display them at the moment, so they go into storage at different locations around the house.

    But i do like to revisit old games, thats always fun.

  • I try to make sure I only get games that I’ll want to play more than once, so I keep them. Every now & then will fire up Dosbox/computer running XP/PS2 so I can go back.

    I love my PS3, but I also love me some Psychonauts/Sands of Time/San Andreas/X-Wing! 🙂

  • I’ve got all my old crap still. I’d get rid of my SNES, N64 stuff etc but I don’t really know what to do with it… things like ebay would probably be more effort than it’d be worth…

  • I’ve never even considered selling a game, because as far as I could ever see you only get a fraction of what you paid for it so there’s no point. May as well keep it and have something to play later.

    Then I became a collector and now I have to keep everything just for the sake of keeping it as well 😛
    Although I’m not above selling things I end up with duplicates of. Don’t need more than one of the same game.

  • Since I’m predominately a PC gamer – most of my games get installed once and then put into storage. If they are particularly good, i’ll rip the .iso onto one of my hard drives so I can install it again later.

    Console/handheld games usually get traded unless they are spectacular/have good MP

  • I keep ’em and probably store it into a storage when I no longer play them for a long time.

    So at the moment only PS3/PSP games are on my shelves, my PS2 games are in the storage. But the storage is never far away, so whenever I feel like playing PS2, I don’t have to go to the garage and scour through all the junk we’ve store there.

    But yea, NEVER sold my games, because I’ve always research about games before I buy. And if I do happen to come across a crappy game, I’ll return it within a week. So my collection is devoid of crappy games.

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