What If Call Of Duty Was A Pokemon Game?

Who needs Bulbasaur when you can fight with Ghost? Who needs pocket monsters in your Pokemon game when you can have the heroes of Call of Duty take turns slashing and poisoning? One amazing video depicts the unreal Pokemon: Modern Warfare.

(Video includes text-based profanity, so be mindful before sharing with Pokemon-loving kids.)

The video was created by the people at Blasted Roof and uploaded to YouTube this week. The creators did an extraordinary job mixing two of the biggest franchises in entertainment history.

You've got your re-done title screen:

Your custom Call of Duty Pokemon:

Your team of CoD Pokemon (with a call-out to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, aka FourZeroTwo):

Your classic Pokemon-style battle:

And you even have that key element of Pokemon, evolution:

Unfortunately, you also get one of the key elements of Call of Duty gamer culture, slurs:

After viewers complained about the "British Fag" reference, the creators appended the apology you can see in the screenshot above. The "British Fag" character is a reference to the guy in this video:

The "fag" line aside, this is an impressive feat by the people at Blasted Roof. I'd play a Pokemon: Call of Duty. Would you?

Pokemon CoD Style [Blasted Roof]


    That was horrible. Can we not have this type of garbage in the future please?

      LOL, lighten up.

      I liked it :(

      ... you're that brittish kid... aren't you?

        rofl chuloopa, best call

      Kotaku should be ashamed of posting this. "After viewers complained about the “British Fag” reference, the creators appended the apology you can see in the screenshot above." Well it's all better now, the problem with that name was clearly that he was identified as British not that the word "fag" was used in a derogatory way. Even now Kotaku has promoted it on their website. Good work guys, other media outlets wouldn't get away with this stupidity.

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