What Is Your Favourite RPG Series?

By series, I mean any RPG that's spawned a sequel. And by favourite, I mean of all time.

Remember, you can only pick one. So, vote and then explain your selection in the comments below.

And if more than one of you demand the inclusion of an RPG series I've missed, I'll add it to the poll.

What Is Your Favourite RPG Series?online surveys


    come on everyone vote for Baldur's gate. Greatest RPG ever!


      I second this motion.

      Agreed!!! IMHO Baldur's Gate 2 is still Bioware's crowning achievement, and the best western RPG ever made.

        fully agree, will be very annoyed if FF comes out above it.

      It got my vote. I actually enjoyed Baldur's Gate 1 the best but whatever I've not played an RPG since that I loved quite the same way.

      That said are we counting Neverwinter Nights as part of the whole Baldur's Gate thing? I would have thought it would be a separate section...

    Monster Hunters FTW!! An RPG that really takes skill (not saying the others don't take skill) but other RPG games have leveling system whilst this doesn't, therefore you stay the same but its your gear and your own experience that helps fight against the stronger monsters later in the game.

    Alright, I only voted for final fantasy as it really is the only RPG that I played. I played these games during the school holidays when I was younger as I had the time to play them.

    As I grew older my priorities changed, I didn't have the time to spend playing them just to level up to defeat the next big boss. And thats when I lost my interest in these types of games.

    I loved the story lines, the characters, the music and environments in Final Fantasy. They sucked you in and took you in to the world. They were one of the very few games where I was emotionally attached to the characters and really gave a damn about them.

    But, these days are behind me. I am lucky to get a solid 2-3 hours on the PS3 these days! Priorities are elsewhere I guess... training on the bike and making the wife a happy one!

    When it comes to RPGs, I was divided by Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect. In the end, I had to go with TES: specifically, Mirrowind.

    Both are very similar: very large open worlds, players having a sense of choice that actually feels real, the environments actually respond to your actions and the characters feel real.

    But when it comes to environment depth, Mirrowind wins out. In Mirrowind, the depth is in the characters you meet long the way it has a very rich history but current and in the book one can find in the numerous libraries.

    In Mass Effect, while there are memorable characters, there are not as many and most of the background and details are placed in the Codex which makes it easy to ignore.

    Do not get me wrong though, if I could pick both, I would. And Mass Effect comes *VERY* *VERY* close to Mirrowind.

      I agree with you. TES has a rich history, and a fantastic environment. Number III is easily better than the other ones. The only thing I have to say is...



    Cliched but it's gotta be FF for me, although it's gone down hill ever since Square-Enix started to milk the franchise to the bone. But the main series' games in the SNES/PS1 era were gold, as was FFXII.

    Also love Shadow Hearts (wish we can get a new SH game! But not possible now since Nautilus closed shop), Fire Emblem and Grandia, and a few more entries in the Persona series might let it overtake FF for me.

    I love the Baldurs gate games - even to this day, I still go back and play the original BG (making sure to get the golden pantaloons), and export/import my character into BG2. Such a great series.

    Although I did enjoy the Breath of Fire games as well (with number 2 being my personal favourite).

    I have to give it to Ultima. Every game up until Pagan completely captured my imagination but it was Ultima VII with its virtual world (achieving what Oblivion claimed to achieve well before the game was a twinkle in the developer's eye) that is the main reason I give the nod to Garriott's creation.

    Over a year of constant play - you just don't get longevity like that these days. :P

    Of course, had Arcanum ever been given a sequel that would have easily pinched top spot.

    In the world of JRPGs (fights not to make snide comment about the 'RPG' status of some of the games in that list :P) it's the Shin Megami Tensei franchise that wins out.

    I've had to mention both since JRPGs and RPGs are such radically different genres that I can't, in good faith, just pick one franchise.

    God damn... That is EASILY the hardest question i have been asked on here... You're missing secret of mana though, of which 3 is the best :P

    Oh and neverwinter nights which was just AWESOME! Loved my little dwarfs and all the mods that came out for it including the Ash Williams voice pack :P

    But my favorite of all time.. hell...

    I love pokemon for it's cute, accessible pure fun! I have been addicted to that little gem more times than i care to admit

    I love the Eldar Scrolls series for it's sheer magnitude and beauty. I got lost in Arena for many months and Morrowind was just such a masterpiece of gaming at the time... Oblivion was pretty damn good too.

    Knights of the old republic has to be one of the best Star Wars based games of all time with some of the most memorable battles and characters..

    Final fantasy has always been a fantastic series, with VIII still being one of my favorite RPGs of all time! But the series as a whole was a bit hit and miss..

    and diablo... god.. who could fault diablo with is loot hoarding and dungeon crawling...

    But my FAVORITE of ALL TIME...
    It has to be Fallout.. Fallout 1 and 2 are easily two of my favorite games of all time. They just did so much differently from other RPGs of the time. I loved the grity visuals. I LOVED the bloody mess perk. I loved the combat and weapons. I loved the sense of humour and the character interactions. I loved Dogmeat!!

    Nothing could ever surpass those 2 games in an RPG... for me, personally, at least.. the amount of time and joy i sunk into those games is just astounding.

    Now i look forward to diving into Fallout 3 GOTY whenever i finish Mass Effect and War for Cybertron :P

    Aweome Q dave.. really had me thinking and considering my choices :p

    What's yours?

      Seiken Densetsu all the way! Go Hawk!

    Where's the other option?
    Not having the Chrono series in that list is disgraceful of you, Kotaku.

    It was hard to choose, but I think the elder scrolls series is my favourite. They're just amazing games and so enjoyable to play. You can keep playing for hours and they offer so much replay value. I love my friend for introducing me to the series :)

    I dunno about having Zelda in there. I wouldn't exactly call it an rpg.

    Reluctantly voted for Mass Effect, on the simple basis that it's the only series (other than Zelda) listed above that I've actually finished more than one of the games.

    Just doing a quick count, I think I've invested time into maybe 18 titles from the above serieses, and finished 6.

    Not due to lack of enjoyment of said games, just lack of commitment. I would prefer games to be shorter. "120 hours of gameplay" to me isn't a selling point.

    Personally i hope FF does not win this - i am hoping for a bioware win with either KOTOR, Baldur's Gate or Mass Effect winning the prize.

    Ummm NO mention of Bards tale ?? There were 4 of them back in C64 Days.

    Even have the contructors kit for PC discs floating around here somewhere.

    I just added a few more options. Give it a minute or two to update...

    Top poll choice. I don't think I've ever thought so much about one before.


    The setting is perfect. In the future, everything blown up. The RPG elements are brilliant, and it all makes sense. The perk system was something I'd never encountered the likes of before.

    A destroyed future full of references to the past, military, domestic and pop culture.

    Chuloopa used the word 'gritty' and I couldn't think of a better word for it.

    But the number one thing, that gets me EVERY time I start up a fallout game, be it 1, 2, Tctics, or 3, it's the music... it just sets the whole game up so perfectly.

    As iconic as it can get.


    Why even have other options? ;-)

      Agreed, can't believe it isn't doing as well as other games on there. Mass Effect? Sure its a pretty good RPG but it doesn't have the weight of a lot of others up there.

    This poll is kind of lacking on the SRPG & niche JRPGs front. Ar Tonelico? Disgaea? Atelier? Valkyria Chronicles? Kind of needs an 'Other' at the very least :P The Persona series should also probably have a separate poll entry to the core Shin Megami Tensei games. They're related but very different.

    Personally, despite the problems it has and the fact that it's very hit and miss, I've always loved Namco's Tales games. There's something about them that really clicks for me, primarily the way the battle system feels I think. Baldur's Gate is probably what I'd pick if I was looking for the best, but favourite is a different question altogether.

    As an aside, it's a great shame that Skies of Arcadia never made it as a franchise.

    I wasted many of my summer school holidays becoming lost in the post-nuclear world of Fallout 1 & 2. The third solidified my faith in the series.

    And we can only choose one?!?

    It's so hard to split KoToR, Elder Scrolls and Zelda. Though I usually don't consider Zelda an RPG.

      To further clarify, I love so many different RPGs as individual games, but some of them don't really grip me as series (re: Final Fantasy).

      Morrowind is probably my favourite RPG of all time, yet the KoToR series is easily a rival to the Elder Scrolls for me.

      Again, I don't really consider Zelda an RPG in the same way that most of those other mentioned series are. It's more of an action adventure to me. But that's just my opinion.

    Shattered that "Planescape: Torment" doesn't qualify...

    I'd suggest adding the "Vampire the masquerade" games to the list though, the first was good, and Bloodlines was a Masterpiece (granted, a very buggy masterpiece at first)

      Great Game, but in my voting it comes under Baldurs Gate ^_^

      It's hard to call Vampire a series, though, considering the two games were so different and made by separate developers. And... the first one was crap. Hardly a great RPG series!

        while it's a fair point, saying that the two games within the same universe don't constitute a series due to different dev's/locations/characters, is like saying that fallout 3 doesn't count as part of the fallout series due to it being made by Bethesda...

        And as to the first game being crap... that's subjective... some critics praised it, some hated it... I actually quite enjoyed it...


          Fallout still qualifies as a series, according to my definition, for its first two entries alone. Beyond that, Bethesda's Fallout 3 still feels like part of the same series because it not only continues the title numbering but it takes place in the same world and adheres to many of the same gameplay principles. To my mind, the two Vampire games are simply two games both based on the Vampire license in much the same way as, say, Battle for Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings Online are two separate games in Tolkien's world.

            Hmmm, I dunno about that one Dave. Fallout 3 is almost a completely different syle game to Fallout 1 + 2. For instance, I played the SHIT out of Fallout 3 and loved it, but the first two Fallouts bored me.

            On the other hand, my friend loved the first two fallouts, but easily became bored of the third one.

            But I will take your point that the first two count as a series :P

            This is easiest to compare on a point by point basis. I'll use fallout 3 and Bloodlines as the examples compared to the previous iterations of the series.

            Fallout 3 occurs in the same world, but a different location from the original 2.
            The vamp games also occur in the same world.

            They both changed developers for the sequels, both switched to a FPS engine, while keeping parts of the original theme and the general running of how characters generally function within the game as close as possible (the skills/perks/targeting of fallout, and the clans/powers/abilities of vamp).

            Both have little, if any direct correlation to the previous title in terms of characters/events/locations, but keep the same organizations/themes etc.

            and if you're going to make the "has to have a consecutive number after it's title to continue the series" a deal breaker, technically fallout: new vegas, wouldn't be considered part of the series when it comes out...

            anyways...this is non-productive... at the end of the day, it's not really worth arguing, tis your poll, I was just suggesting something that I considered a great example of an RPG series... I'm happy to agree to disagree... Many awesome titles still on this list :)

              Good debate. I guess it comes down to the "feel" for me. I played Bloodlines and it felt like a totally different game to Redemption. I played Fallout 3 and it felt like Fallout with a different perspective. I could never get into Redemption whereas I loved Bloodlines and all three Fallouts, so maybe it's as simple as that...

    Oi? Dragon Age? Vampire the Masquerade? They both pwn Mass Effect.

      See David's discussion just above. :)

    Went with Final Fantasy, almost purely for the PS1 era.

    Mass Effect, Fallout and TES wouldn't be far behind.

    I also loved Suikoden, but only have the first two.

    Gah... FF or Fallout? *headdesk*

    You forgot the Shining Force series. That's my favourite, but from the choices above it has to be Pokemon!

      Shining Force is my pick too! Easily the best game out of all the above.

    SSI AD&D gold box series is probably the best. But Questron and it's scattered but direct Ultima inspired lineage is the series I played most.

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