What Kind Of PSP Decorations Represent Yakuza's Bar Girls?

A Japanese nail saloon has decorated a handful of PSPs in the image of in-game hostesses. Thrilling!

Here is curvy Yuu Tejima. The design done in her image is called "colourful leopard print".

This is Aya Hoshi. The design is called "Black Love", because the PSP-3000 is covered with black rhinestone-type thingies and has the word "Love" written on it. Clever.

You are looking at Mika. Yes, you are. The design is called, wait for it, "Star".

Her name is Saya. My name is Brian. This PSP-3000 is called "Pink Sparkle", because, yeah, well.

Here is Jyou. The PSP done in her image is a bunch of random sized stones that are the same colours.

Say hello to Kirie! She gets a Union Jack flag because she studied abroad. That makes sense. I guess.

Each one of these will be given out via a raffle. Entries will be accepted until September 30.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinshou Kurohyou ("Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther") is due out later this September.

See how the in-game versions of the Yakuza hostesses stack up to their real-life counterparts.

New Chapter [Official Site]


    Looks like they had some ugly decorated PSP's lying around and stumbled onto the fact that they had enough to go with some ugly ingame models, then did their best to justify how each one is relevant to the character.


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