What Would You Pay To Look This Awesome?

Playing Guitar Hero with a plastic guitar is fun. But it doesn't make you look awesome. Playing Guitar Hero with this air guitar, however... now that is awesome.

One mad New South Welshman is auctioning off this PS3 Guitar Hero Air Guitar bought "because I hated my friends watching me play solo when they were over because I only had one guitar."

With features like these, it's hard to resist such a bargain!

* Easy to reach buttons * Compatible with the Xbox 360 and Wii as well * Right and Left handed * Doesn't require batteries (no more charging) * Quick Sync (Syncs to the console in a second) * Air Stand included

Guitar Hero Air Guitar extra controller PS3 360 Wii [eBay, thanks Daniel for the tip!]


    Air stand included, hahaha.

    Wonder how long this will last until eBay takes it down?

    i have an air car, only 5 grand if ne1 wants it

    This guy is now officially my hero for the day!

    Looks like people aren't willing to pay much, though, as it still has no bids - but hey, it's still got 7 days.

    I'll be sticking to my air triangle!

    and this is news?

      No, it is labelled "Culture". Please come back when you have found your sense of humour.

        Didn't realise that fake Ebay auctions were culture.
        Carry on - Oh and I saw a cake that had mario on it, make sure you guys post that.

          Oh, we will, thanks for the tip.

      Smack down!

    It says compatible with Xbox 360 and Wii.... so technically it has to work with the game right? (I know it doesn't but he says it does)

    So if you buy it and then attempt to play guitar hero with it and it doesn't work.. can he get in an legal troubles with that? I wouldn't have a clue but that seems to be a risky joke he is playing.

    I really hope someone isn't stupid enough to buy this.

    Is he playing air guitar, or reaching for the tissues?... I can't tell.

    Either way his arm looks freaking weird in that photo.

    Silly - i should have sold my air guitar on ebay rather then trade it in at EB for that 2 cents sotre credit.

    It looks like the free P&H sticker is censoring something.

    This is actually a copy of an old ebay auction from years ago where a guy auctioned an air guitar (nothing to do with guitar hero though). I think he said he would give the owner a certificate of authenticity too.

    Now that's just stupid. If you are going to put time into these Air Guitar games, why not learn to play a REAL air guitar.

    Reminds me of the sweet used Xbox for sale with red LED modz. Great bargains on ebay huh.

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