What’s On Good Game Tonight?

What’s On Good Game Tonight?

After our brief interlude in space, Good Game is back in the atmosphere – and we come bearing reviews!

* We take on organised crime in slick, suave style with Mafia II.

* If you loved the graphic novels as much as we did – or happened to catch the film – we hand down our verdict on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World the game, as well.

* Annnd for those who hath protested that we never give enough attention to the Wii – we’ve checked out a handful of WiiWare downloads for our WiiWare Roundup.

Plus, we recently popped down to Melbourne for the Freeplay Independant Games Festival, to see what our local indie devs were up to.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

Also, Baj and I try to “live tweet” the show each week – follow us at @hexsteph and @bajopants with hashtag #ggtv and join-in the twitter-spam madness.

Til next week, Hex


  • The Space show was such an Airbus of FAIL I’ve given up on Good Game and now will rely on Gametrailers.

    Clichés galore, nerd poking, bad puns, shooting vessels in need…who the hell wrote this drivel?

    It’s not comedy, and it’s not decent gaming reviews.
    It’s one ugly mash up of half baked everything.

    • Sam, last week’s space special was a one-off, just like the Zombie special, the 80s special back when Jung was on the show – or have you forgotten those? They always crank one of these once or twice a year when there are no obvious games to review. Tonight the show is returning to normal, with reviews etc. The Freeplay independent games festival story is surely something you can’t get on gametrailers 😛

      • Okay, that might be what I tune back in for. But (and this isn’t Hex’s fault) the show really has a very wobbly path since Jung left, mostly downhill.
        (Seems more like directorial/editing/management decisions if nothing else.)

  • Oh come on guys. You’re a bunch of sops. Sure, the space episode was rather tacky, but they were trying to have fun with it. Give ’em a bit of credit.

    • Yes, but a key part of having a bit of fun with something on TV is that your viewer base is having a bit of fun with it too…

      • I enjoyed them trying something different. Sure, I groaned every time that robot had dialogue, but overall the episode was fun. Good on ya GG, for boldly going where no video game show has gone before. Nor is likely to again. 😉

    • I had fun with it. Made me remember a bunch of my favourite space games.

      Pretty slick flying sir.
      Thanks chief.


      There are always going to be people who don’t enjoy the show, and that’s fine, everyone has different tastes.

  • Yeah, that space episode… please no more stuff like that.

    Looking forward to tonigh’ts episode with Scott Pilgrim!

    … and to see if Hex will ever go back to blonde…. plz plz plz plz do.

  • GG, if you ever try and do an episode like that space episode, im never going to watch you again. You have been warned.

  • The space episode made me do something I have never done. I… sent them an email with feedback. God, next I’ll be writing Channel7 angry letters about how kids these days have no respect.

    Anyway, GG is waaay too kiddie and aimless these days. The average age of a gamer is around 30. We work in full time jobs, we’re starting to have families. GG assumes that we’re all into real life role playing with fantasy costumes, yelling “lightening bolt! lightening bolt! lolz rofl”.

    Not the case.

    The opening graphics, the overly simplistic reviews and conversations, bad rofl puns, bad effects… it’s embarrassing to watch with any kind of company.

    I’m getting older while GG remains awkwardly young. I mean, they have have a special ‘kids’ version of the show (SP). Who the hell is the original show for? 14 year olds stuck in 1993?

    • Well put, I couldn’t agree more with each and every one of your points. GG reinforces old stereotypes about gaming and gamers that is a weight around the game industry’s neck, and helps undermine the hard work of many people trying to move it forward.

    • Well said, I guess they have to provide for many different types of viewers but perhaps they are alienating what is potentially the largest group of gamers, those in their 30’s.

    • Yep I agree 100%. I think its the funniest when it goes from the M rating screen into the kiddy style intro with flying LOLs. How is an industry supposed to be taken seriously when this is what’s representing it to the masses? People outside of games already think that games are aimed at kids, why support their naive views with this garbage?

      Uilt i give your comment 5 rubber chickens.

  • Last weeks episode was MASSIVE FAIL. I couldn’t watch it – but had to for the Star Wars and Mass Effect stuff. And even that was bad. I hope this weeks episode redeems itself – and for goodness sake, do something more meaningful, like a report on how the new Govt affects gaming issues like tax cuts for developers, R18 rating etc…

  • How can you review Mafia II without completing it? Seriously, if you’re review code bugged out then surely there is enough money in the budget to procure a retail version.

    Also, that GG in Space episode was the most regrettable 30 minutes of television I have ever sat through. Kane and Lynch 2 came out 2 weeks ago, you could have reviewed that and some XBLA, PSN and Wii games.

    Done trolling, I actually usually enjoy the show.

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