Which 2010 Shooter Are You Most Excited About?

It's Friday morning and that means it's time to vote. Which of the year's biggest shooters are you most looking forward to?

Remember, you can only pick one. So, vote and then explain your selection in the comments below.

Which 2010 Shooter Are You Most Excited About?Market Research


    Reach for me but I am not actually counting down the days I just know it will be a solid experience. Modern Warfare has well and truly run its course with me and would like to compare it to the shifting of Merrick adn Rosso to comercial radio or Roy and HG or any other comparison to I liked them before they were big.

    Was the none of the above option that appeared third in the list a clever joke or a quirk of the polling toll you opted to embed?

      A quirk. I added it at the last minute and also left the "randomise options" box checked. It's kinda funny though!

    Including FPS games already released? Because I'm still feeling the MAG love...

    Of the games that are available at the moment (as other might get added in later), Vanquish is shaping up as the something that is a MUST HAVE, followed by Kane & Lynch 2 : Dog Days.

    Even though I'll end up getting Reach, Black Ops and maybe Medal Of Honor and GoldenEye... there is nothing from them they has grabbed me by the balls as the other two have.

    Been Halo's bitch since Halo 2. Bought a new console everytime they release a new Halo and Reach will make me buy a Xbox 360 slim too 0_o

    I'm REALLY looking forward to Reach, mainly because of Forge World, Firefight and Multiplayer. But I fancy some COD Black Ops and Medal of Honor too.

    It's a shame that I had to pick one of them. It's like deciding which of your kids is the golden child from the black sheep.

      Yeah the CoD/MoH look like they'll be worthwhile campaigns, but Reach has it all. I enjoyed the beta but the campaign/coop is what I really want to play.

    Im going with MoH.

    none of the above - jut give me bad company 2 vietnam ;)

    Aww, poor dog days.
    At the time of posting it has received no love.
    BTW, does selecting none of the abov mean you're most interested in goldeneye and medal of honor?

    Reach, easily. Couldn't care less about Black Ops, Goldeneye was intriguing til we learnt it wasn't really a remake, however I should read more about Vanquish.

    None of the above because:

    Halo Reach - want to play ODST first
    Goldeneye 007 - it's a new game and not the old classic. Will wait for reviews
    Medal of Honor - have a few old prequels to finish off first
    Call of Duty: Black Ops - same as above
    Vanquish - looks interesting but still not convinced yet
    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - never played no.1 as it had bad reviews so not interested in the sequel
    The Conduit 2 - need to finish no.1 first

    So yeah, very embarrassing as I have a LOT of games to catch up first before I'm interested in it's sequels. Wish I was a teenager again so I have more time...

    Now, thanks to a trailer, I'm far more excited excited about a shooter with a 2012 release date, stupid bioshock :(

    Since the prestige edition was just announced, Call of Duty Black Ops is what I'm most excited about at the moment. But as far as money spent; that honour goes to Halo: Reach, since I'm getting the Legendary Edition as well as the Special Edition Console.

    The only other game I'm really keen for from the list is Medal of Honour. I was excited about Vanquish, but I'll be waiting to see what it is like before purchasing it. Same with Kane & Lynch. And if I get Goldeneye, it will just be for the Golden Classic Controller. All I can say for the Conduit 2 is that I hope it is better than the original.

    Just over a month until Reach :D

      Good to know I'm not the only silly person to be dropping $750+ on Halo in a few weeks :P

      That being said, I am looking forward to Black Ops as well, hopefully Treyarch will keep up their fine form of local search options they had in World at War.

        That makes 3 of us getting the complete bundle then lol.

          Have to say I might also buy the console and the limited =p

          Anyone know the best place to trade in the reach that comes with the console???

    Black Ops. World at War was the best online CoD. Expecting big things.

    Can't wait for Reach, but I only play Halo for split-screen. Won't touch much of the online part.

      See I couldnt stand CoD's online component.

      Whereas Halo's online is much more fun for me.

    I'm sure it will have a solid campaign.
    Fun multiplayer with new options.
    Forging some of my own weird maps.
    And of course Firefight. I'm gonna make the hardest firefight imagineable with the most enemies and then just go nuts with rockets and gravity hammer.

    Reach. The space-opera story is gripping, and I look forward to Bungie's newest offering.

    Wow - Vanquish has gotten the same response as Medal of Honor with one tenth of the hype!

    As much as I am sick of FPS in this day and age, I'm gonna make exceptions for Medal of Honour, Conduit 2 and Goldeneye 007.

    That is all.

      Oh and Kane & Lynch 2 as well.

        ...And Vanquish.

          So your sick of shooters or FPS?
          You do realize Vanquish is a TPS?

            Yes, I am aware that Vanquish and Kane & Lynch 2 are TPS, I don't have that much of a problem with them.

    Can I vote for this StarCraft II FPS map?

    AC130K - Ruins (Starcraft 2 zombie shooter map)

    I'm really not excited at all. Shooters will have to deliver something new, for me.

    I would go with Reach and COD at the top, followed by Medal of Honor.

    I would pick Rage but that's next year (T_T)

    Wow, these are the only shooters coming out this year? Halo: Reach is the only reprehensible one on that list

    I don't know why but I thought there was more than that coming out.

    Dave, what's got the better single player campaign?

    DLC4 Borderlands.

    -Battlefield 3 (2011);
    -Maybe MoH but I haven't seen anything to excite me about it yet, esp. since the beta is a bug filled bug of bugs;
    - Dead Space 2 (2011);

    And, MMO wise: SW-KOR, it's not an FPS, but it is full of action, like you'd get in an FPS.

      Don't forget Rage (it's like Borderlands, but looks even better)

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