Who Wants To Play Metroid: Other M Next Week?

Who Wants To Play Metroid: Other M Next Week?

Nintendo is hosting a special pre-launch event in Sydney next week for Metroid: Other M. They’re inviting five Kotaku readers (plus a friend each!) to be the first people in Australia to play Samus’ new adventure ahead of its September 2 release. It could be you!

To be in the running to be one of the lucky five, you need to:

* Be at least 18 years of age * Be able to make it to Sydney’s inner east by 6pm Thursday August 12 * Be willing to write up your impressions for publication on Kotaku by Sunday August 15

If you tick all those boxes, you’ve just got one more hoop to jump through.

In 100 words or less, we want you to write in the comments below exactly what Metroid means to you.

You’ve got until midnight tonight. Tomorrow morning we’ll pick the five entries we like the most.

Good luck!


  • To me (and Wikipedia French translated into German), Metroid means eine Serie von Videospielen von Nintendo, deren erste Episode wurde 1986 veröffentlicht veröffentlicht. Seine Entwicklung wird von der R & D, dass ein Gunpei Yokoi lief abgeleitet. Für seine Rückkehr auf GameCube, hat die US-Serie Studio Retro Studios zugewiesen wurde gekauft von Nintendo.

  • Metroid means very little to me. As near as I can tell it’s about a woman in a powered armour suit fighting aliens.

    My entire experience with Metroid is playing the demo of the DS game that came with said hand-held and some very vague memories of watching my father play the original game when I was five or six.

    As such I think I’m in a good position to write an impression from the point of view of someone just coming into the series for the first time, rather than the point of view of an existing fan.

  • To me, metroid means loneliness and secrets. That sense that this is all on you, there will be no help coming and if you fall, no-one will know what became of you. The feeling that even the most mundane thing you see, may hide a great secret, whether lost technology, or ancient law.

    I’m personally a Prime addition to the franchise, and while i liked the sidescrollers, never understood the intense popularity. My brother on the other hand, is the exact opposite, starting with super metroid, he cant get enough of the oldschool, and only plays prime because its metroid.

  • Metroid, to me, means many days spend enjoying the scenery, fighting unique alien wildlife and challenging myself.

    My first Metroid Games was Super Metroid. I was about six at the time and didn’t make it very far in.

    When I first played Metroid Prime I was amazed. I could not tear myself away. I spent hours exploring the alien wonderfully engaging environment and killing aliens. This got me hooked.

    It is hard for me to explain exactly what Metroid means to me. I have invested a lot of time into these games and they continue to be my favourite series.

  • Metroid to me means the introduction to gaming for my brother. After buying him a 1st gen Ds with the original Prime Hunter demo he was hooked and now about four years later he is regularly kicking my butt in every game genre from fps to rts.

    Metroid built a monster in my family who is also my favourite gamer to sit alongside with and log in the hours on the television.

  • I was a Prime convert. As in my travels, the isolation and marvel of exploration won me over quickly. I loved the focus on single player and adventure elements that made Prime the antithesis of increasingly bland and generic FPS. Prime 2 somehow topped it, but Prime 3 broke my heart. It felt generic and failed to disguise its linearity. Despairing of my favourite series’ future, I found salvation in Dave’s plugs of Super’s glorious side scrolling. For me, Other M is incredibly important. A fruit salad of all my favourite Metroid elements plus an origin story looks a winner.

  • Damn! Would really love to be able to do this. Metroid to me means having to actually stop and THINK about things for a second. Super Metroid, the first metroid i played, completely blew my mind. Up until then, Nintendo games I had played had all been about speed and reflexes. Samus made me think about what I had to do. The same thing happened years later, when I picked up Metroid Prime 3 on Wii. Years of twitch-FPS made the same formula a shock to my system.

    Unfortunately, I’m in Melbourne and can’t make it to Sydney.

  • Metroid is a series I’m fond of, admittedly. Despite this, I won’t force myself through a game I don’t enjoy, so I take my opinion of any franchise game by game.
    My first Metroid game was Metroid Fusion, and I’ve played every game in the series that followed (save for Metroid Prime Pinball)
    I’ve yet to find any of the games in the series dissapointing, so to me, Metroid means “good game”.

  • To me, Metroid means limited, highly-expensive merchandise. Or extortion, if you’re braving the depths of eBay. Which is a shame, since my love of the series says YES! but my tightarsery says no.

    It also means a guaranteed quality game. Even at its worst (Hunters), it still wasn’t all that bad as a game, it just lacked in “Metroidness”. That said, Other M and its Wii remote-only controls have me worried I’ll have to change my mind about that. Here’s hoping I can have my fears allayed. Perhaps by some hands-on time next Thursday…

  • What does Metroid mean to me? It’s the game that got me back into gaming and helped me accept my inner geek. I went through a period roughly when I was 20ish when I gave up on gaming. I decided I was too cool for gaming. But I was bored on the train to work so I pulled out my GBA and bought Metroid Fusion to play. I loved it. And so I finished it, and then I went looking for more games to play, and suddenly pretensions of coolness didn’t matter anymore. I am who I am. Thanks Metroid.

  • To me, Metroid means traversing the ruins of alien civilisations and scouring entire planets to find power ups while operating questionable technology of dubious origin. It means marvelling at the foresight of a facility that can be flooded with fuel gel and generators tethered with energy beams. It means first scanning and cataloguing enemies instead of instantly incinerating them. It means wandering around the same area for an hour before realising that the grey rock next to the wall requires a ball explosion rather than a missile to break it. I would not have it any other way.

  • Metroid is about power. Metroid reflects what power can do to the powerless. At the beginning of every game, Samus is nothing, and is pushed around by all of the forces that fight against her. When you as the player gain an ability, you are given a whole new perspective on the environments that surround you.

    Metroid is one of those early games which dripped with an atmosphere that does not waver, even to this day. It took the concept of isolation and used it to make the player actually give a crap about what was happening to our character.

    Also, on the side, Metroid is one of the few videogames that has a female character who most people don’t identify as a sex-object for desperate, hopeless teenagers. (dang SSBB and it’s Zero Suit-ery…)

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