Who's That Flying?! Coming To PSP, PS3

Who's that Flying?! is a Playstation minis game described as a side-scrolling shooter meets tower defence (with courtroom drama and intrigue!) doused in sheer awesomeness… AND THEN SET ON FIRE.


WTF?! (Yes, yes, I giggled too) has you taking on the role of the Guardian of Earth as you play through 15 levels across six worlds protecting Earth from the invasion of the Doom Beasts. The game's cut-scenes all take place in the chambers of the Galactic council, as you try to explain how you allowed the planet under your protection to get invaded. The game also has four different infinite mode levels and 25 challenges.

The game is essentially a side-scrolling shooter with a twist: You have to prevent a certain number of enemies from escaping into the city in each level in order to stop the invasion. Getting hit by an enemy temporarily stuns you.

Developers Mediatonic expect the game to hit the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 in September.


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