Why Lords Of Shadows Will Be The 3D Castlevania That Works

Why will Castlevania: Lords of Shadow succeed where other 3D Castlevania titles have failed? For one, producer David Cox looked like this after giving us the actual reason he believes his game will work.

Note to game developers posing for pictures I am taking: You never have to ask, "Should I growl?" Growing is always preferred, and it makes you look extremely distinguished, just like MercurySteam's David Cox, the producer on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

During an interview session today at GamesCom, I asked Mr Cox why he thought the next 3D Castlevania title would be the one that would make the perspective change work for the traditionally 2D series.

"Mistakes were made, and we've learned from those mistakes," says Cox.

"I think for me, one of the key things that went wrong for those games is that they tried to emulate the 2D gameplay in 3D," he continues. "For us, we haven't really tried to do that. We pretty much designed from the ground up as a 3D game. That meant making decisions and making gameplay decisions and decisions about design that meant we would see new things in Castlevania that we haven't seen before. We've been brave enough to do that."

Cox says that we'll of course be seeing familiar things from the Castlevania series, but we'll also be seeing a lot of new things.

"We've done that because we want to create a game that works in three dimensions."

As you can see, Cox is incredibly fierce when it comes to defending his game.


    sorry to sound like a pompus jerk, but the gameplay will be average at best- it is clear from the combat footage

    i wish it were different

    looks like a very pretty game tho...

    Funny, I recall Curse of Darkness working just fine.
    In the meantime I've been highly disappointed by everything I've seen of Castlevania: God of War.

    In the picture it looks like he is struggling to take a dump.

    I really liked Curse of Darkness on PS2, if it had a better button mashing mechanic it would have been GREAT.

    You can make a good 3D action game and call it Castlevania (Curse of Darkness was pretty good), but you cannot make a good 3D Castlevania game because Castlevania, by definition, is a 2D franchise. The game is more than Dracula, a guy with a whip and a bunch of familiar monsters, it's a whole style of gameplay which just can't be replicated in 3D.

    Although I'd like to see them at least TRY to make a 3D version of the open exploration 'Metroidvania'-style gameplay.

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