Wii Assist: Wii Can Make A Difference!

Attack of the Show's "Viewer Army" showcased engineering students from the University of Deleware who are attempting to help the disabled effectively use computers with the help of Nintendo Wii hardware. Us nerds can make a difference!

With the help of a hacked Wii remote, some glasses that have been fashioned with infrared sources and the Wii: Fit balance board, the physically disabled can effectively use the computer, hands free if needed. Or at the very least play Counter Strike hands free. Either way this seems to be a great project for a great cause. How long before we get New York University students to create "Kinecting People" or "MOVEment Assister?"


    I remember playing a 'VR' game years and years ago, I would of been about 10 years old, it was at the Royal Melbourne Show.

    The helmet weighed a lot for my little child sized head and caused me to keep looking down. The controls for movement were just a push button for forward.

    While a lot of people consider VR dead, I can't help but think if the inputs of a keyboard + mouse can be replaced (as far as fps goes) with a pair of glasses and a Wii fit board, we might see a revival.

    I hope this gets a lot more interest.

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