WIN! A Proper Home For Your Gaming Consoles

Had enough of tripping over cables and controllers on the floor? Fed up with your consoles overheating underneath a pile of junk because you've nowhere to store them? You need a proper home entertainment unit built for gaming.

The Roam Entertainment Unit has been designed with a gamer's needs foremost in mind. Look at it: It's got five bays for your consoles, two vertical and three horizontal, and all of them open for vital ventilation. It also comes with a cushioned storage bench that you can wheel out to sit on while you play as well as keeping all your controllers, plastic guitars and even games hidden away safely.

It is so ideal we just bought one for the office. And we've also got another one we want to give away to you. (Note: it does not come with the TV as seen in that lovely piece of lifestyle photography. Scroll down for a hi-res closeup view of the bare unit.)

To be in the running to win, we want you to prove you really deserve such a piece of gaming furniture. Every Thursday, we ask you to Show Us Yours - your gaming collection and your home gaming setup. Some are wonderful; some are disgraceful. To win this comp, we want the latter.

Prove to us that you have the worst gaming setup in the country and we'll send you the Roam Entertainment Unit to help you out. Send your photographic proof to the usual address. No photoshopping allowed. Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere in the scene.

You've got until Sunday August 29 to get your entry in. Good luck!

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    Kotaku must be reading my mind again......I've been looking for something exactly like this my console setup is a mess......I know ill be entering....good lukc everyone

    That stand on top of it/around the back - is that something that is supposed to stop your TV from falling backwards? Say, if it were to receive the impact of an airborne Wiimote or such.

    The resulting flood of pictures this will cause will burn my eyes.

    That is a brilliant contest. I already own something quite similar made by (of course) Ikea, but this thing looks very good.

    god dammit I just cleaned my room and my desk :(

    Give it to the boxes guy from Show Us Yours.

    Still, what an unusual prize...

      NO! He'll leave the prize in a box in his Garage!


        i nearly spat on my sandwich at this exchange of words. LOL


        And take a picture of his cute kitty on top of it as well.

          No, sorry - the cat has been boxed too

          He replaced it with a dog... a boxer

            "a boxer", lol, I guess I could empty my boxes onto the floor, put my cat on top of the mess and send it in.

              If you don't i will be sorely disappointed

    I just bought a house for my consoles... LOL
    My set up is bad, but it's not that bad.

    I wont even bother entering this one, some other more unfortunate soul will need it more than me.

    Sweet set up though.

    Im in... Cant wait to show you mine. I have never entered the show us yours because of the state of my gaming set up so this is my chance.

    Only problem, the lower vert stands and the others should come with optional covered for those of us with kids...

    Can you tell I have one?

    As awesome as this comp is (THANKS DAVID!!), i don't believe i'll be entering as i have an ikea entertainment unit at home and while it's messy i know it won't be anywhere near as messy as what you'll have coming your way lol

    Plus my unit has doors which masks my console mess.

    Good luck to everyone and i'll be submitting my "Show us yours" separately very shortly :)

    That's very nice! I don't think I'll be winning this any time soon... So just wondering... Where can one purchase this?

    I have s few things in boxes, but it's nothing like some of those that have already shown us... so won't try and take the unit away from someone more deserving...

    Do need a new unit though, the new Home Theatre system is needing a proper home...

    David, can you confirm that the this unit is from ? or is it someone else, might look at other things they have

    Hmmm awesome competition, but i don't think I'll have room for this in my own room, but for anyone who wants to look at the current set up I've posted it up on the PalGN forums (Page 45, 3rd Entry)

    Does it have to be a sole picture? I'd like to show the setup in my house but it includes several different rooms. I would like to be able to house all of my devices together but it gets pretty messy when I do so, so I generally seperate them back out again. Or even just to show my setup from both the front and the back?

    Enclosed shelves with small cable holes like that, in my experience, are a good recipe for spiderweb-like tangles of cables and overheated consoles. The fact that the 360 at least comes with an enormous, hot power brick really doesn't help. You either end up with the brick inside the cabinet with the console (extra heat, badness) or you have it outside, preventing you from sitting the unit too close to the wall. Much less of a problem when it's open at the back. I have a cheapo IKEA number and I had to take the back off it after a bit because of the same problems.

    What I'd like to see in a real gamer's entertainment unit is proper shelving system for controllers. I'm probably somewhat atypical, but I have six 360 controllers, two PS3 controllers, two PS2 controllers, 4 wii controllers plus all the extra crap, a big control stick, two guitar controllers, a RB drum kit and some microphones, not to mention spare cabling and battery packs and everything. They end up sort of just piled up randomly. I'd love to have some sort of dedicated shelving & storage system for them to help keep stuff tidy.

      Exactly what I thought, I was thinking why mention "being sick of overheating consoles" when that setup will still cause the same problem.

      And about your controller fetish and it's manageability, why not try adding a drawer to it somewhere, to house the controllers and spare cables and what not? Sure it would take some patience and measuring, but in the end could be rather nice, and would look better than a shelf with crap on it.

    Wish I could say my setup sucked but I actually really like where my TV and consoles are at now.

    Damn! I just bought a new unit for my TV in the living room, and my computer room doesn't have enough room for it. Oh well, good luck to all you other guys!

    Will be entering. Oh god my setup is so bad the wheels on my little coffee table collapsed and sent my old tv and wii crashing into the floor :(

    Cool comp and clever marketing by the prize suppliers - talk about finding your target market! I am very tempted by something like this.

    If the Bush guys are reading this though - what colour is the top of the bench? The photos show two different shades.

    I think I might have a chance with this one. We have an old (not ever sure what it is made for - possibly a TV unit) that we got from the side of the road, put a hole in the back for the cords, top draw does not close (nice little spot for my PS2 to hide) with a 42" TV sitting on top. Coffee stains are from previous owner (hope it's coffee!), same as the horrid paint job.

    Make a nice Birthday gift for Dad as well =P.

    I've been thinking about making a submission for Show Us Yours, but have been waiting on getting a new arrival first before doing so. Hopefully that'll come through and I can kill two birds with one stone :P Not that I think I'll have much chance of being the worst setup in the country, but hey. Worth a shot.

    That's a neat cabinet and stool thingy. A damn shame I recently went out and spent $800.00 on a entertainment unit then. Bugger...

    Where Can i Get this Without Winning the Comp Becuase MY Setup is Just a Mess and I was thinking the other day of getting a new one ready for when i Get my New Halo Reach Xbox 360 Console

      Follow the link in the article.


    "This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner. Each entry will be individually judged based on literary and creative merit."

    I know its standard wording, but the "skill" in having a disgraceful gaming set up is amusing :-)

    David - any chance of posting some pics of the actual unit you guys have ordered once you get it? Dropping almost a gorilla on online furniture is risky, so some more shots would be most appreciated.

    "Some are wonderful; *some* are disgraceful."

    Some? I guess that depends on your standards.

    Personally, I think every single "show us yours" I've seen on this site needs a unit like this.

      Have you sent in yours yet?

        Oh don't worry, I will. soon as I move back out of my parents' and get my proper setup going again. :(

        Should be by the end of the year hopefully, but I will. You can hold me to it. ;)

    Awesome comp kotaku, I entered.

    Good luck to all, and may the crappiest setup win.
    lol weird saying that.

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