WIN! A Proper Home For Your Gaming Consoles

Had enough of tripping over cables and controllers on the floor? Fed up with your consoles overheating underneath a pile of junk because you’ve nowhere to store them? You need a proper home entertainment unit built for gaming.

The Roam Entertainment Unit has been designed with a gamer’s needs foremost in mind. Look at it: It’s got five bays for your consoles, two vertical and three horizontal, and all of them open for vital ventilation. It also comes with a cushioned storage bench that you can wheel out to sit on while you play as well as keeping all your controllers, plastic guitars and even games hidden away safely.

It is so ideal we just bought one for the office. And we’ve also got another one we want to give away to you. (Note: it does not come with the TV as seen in that lovely piece of lifestyle photography. Scroll down for a hi-res closeup view of the bare unit.)

To be in the running to win, we want you to prove you really deserve such a piece of gaming furniture. Every Thursday, we ask you to Show Us Yours – your gaming collection and your home gaming setup. Some are wonderful; some are disgraceful. To win this comp, we want the latter.

Prove to us that you have the worst gaming setup in the country and we’ll send you the Roam Entertainment Unit to help you out. Send your photographic proof to the usual address. No photoshopping allowed. Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere in the scene.

You’ve got until Sunday August 29 to get your entry in. Good luck!

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