WIN! Mafia II PC Gangster Pack

To mark the launch this week of 2K's gritty and authentic open world crime sim, we have a host of Mafia gear to give away. Today it's the PC's turn.

Thanks to our friend at 2K Games, we have FIVE Mafia II "gangster" packs to give away. We'll be giving away one each day this week. Each pack contains:

* Mafia II game * Mafia II t-shirt * Mafia II cufflinks * Mafia II artbook * Mafia II moneyclip

So how do you win today's PC pack? Easy. We're switching it up to... haiku!

Because you love haiku. Hit us up with your mafia themed haiku in the comments. The cleverest/wittiest haiku will win. Or if not, possibly just the one I like the most.

You've got until midnight tonight to get your entry in. The winner will be announced at 10am tomorrow when we open a new draw. No multiple entries please, but if you don't win you're welcome to try again tomorrow with a new entry.

And yesterday's 360 winner is... Jamie, who entered multiple times and is lucky that his first - and thus only eligible entry - was by far his best:

There once was a gangster named Marcus Who was always confused near a carcass Couldn't find a horse head To put in someone's bed So chopped Sarah Jessica Parker's.

Shouts out to Dutch, Andrew Low, Stevorooni, Fat Shady, Capybara and Bukake Kane for all making my decision very difficult.

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    awww not even an honerable mention! haha - At least Shady did! haha

    Although, the winner was most deserving, that final line was just epic! Very well done Jamie!

    Good luck to today's PC entrants! :D

    Have to be happy with an Hon mention.

    And yeah, as a fan of Family guy especially, the SJP horse face jokes are great. Although my fav line from that show about her is something like

    "they let SJP on TV and her face looks like a foot!"

    But yeah, good winner.

    Bwahaha! Well played Jamie!

    And onto today's comp:

    The perfect gangster:
    Pin stripes, bank jobs, tommy guns.
    NEVER evades tax.

    Awesome, thanks guys! Now what do I need to do? You'll email me?

      I'll contact all the winners at the conclusion of the competition.

    There once was a gangster named Samps
    Who was contracted to take out some tramps
    But he ran out of ammunition
    and was hungry from malnutrition
    So he had to GIVE THEM THE CLAMPS!

      crap it's haiku - hopefully you'll allow this:

      Being a made man
      People are afraid of you
      Even small puppies

        No worries!

    I'd like you to say
    hello to my little friend
    they call him scarface

    Blood guts gore and brains
    Spatter onto unshaven
    Mafia merkins

    What Kind of Gangster
    Willingly defies the boss?
    Must have fish fetish

    Click of the hammer,
    Cold metal deals swift vengeance.
    Prayer won't save you now.

    My name was Tommy
    I enjoyed wacking wise guys
    Then my time arrived

    Muffled scream
    Cold concrete shoes
    Under waves

    August Days,
    Wasted Away...
    Killing for the mob

    Exactly twelve syllables, "season word", and cuts in it. Wiki, I hope you are right on what a haiku should be like!

      haiku should be 5,7,5


          haha unlucky

    Gangsters don't back stab
    It is just moving forward
    Like Gillard to Rudd

    Guns, Knives and Money.
    Equal Mafia Honey.
    Be Prepared to Kill.

    Is it true, she asks
    Don't ask about my business,
    Michael is now Don

    Mafioso Vito,
    Impavido e Forte;
    Simile a Ezio.

    The hit was put out.
    'The Cleaner' was contracted.
    Maid un-made made man.

    He's a rat bastard!
    You have to whack him, Tony
    It's the Don's orders.

    On PC, it's dark.
    You are likely to be whacked
    by Italian grues.

    Pinkies cut with knife,
    Honour code governs their life.
    Oops, that's Yakuza.

    All the wise guys know,
    Working in waste management,
    Is the solution.

    Wrecked my damn taxi.
    Luigi's hot daughter in trouble.
    8th in Salieri's annoying race.
    Whoops wrong game.

      Whoops 3 lines, hope I can edit out a line...

      Wrecked my damn taxi.
      8th in Salieri’s annoying race.
      Whoops wrong game.

    Must escape burning building.
    Hard to breathe, shot up buddy.
    Oh look a Playboy...

    Fixed regional price
    It's just daylight robbery
    Damn you 2K Games

    Gansters want me dead
    Better hide under the bed
    Lest they take my head

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