WIN! Mafia II PS3 Gangster Pack

To mark the launch this week of 2K's gritty and authentic open world crime sim, we have a host of Mafia gear to give away. Today it's the 2nd and final PS3 prize.

Thanks to our friend at 2K Games, we have FIVE Mafia II "gangster" packs to give away. We'll be giving away one each day this week. Each pack contains:

* Mafia II game * Mafia II t-shirt * Mafia II cufflinks * Mafia II artbook * Mafia II moneyclip

So how do you win today's PS3 pack? Easy. It's time for haiku!

Because you love haiku. Hit us up with your mafia themed haiku in the comments. The cleverest/wittiest haiku will win. Or if not, possibly just the one I like the most.

You've got until midnight tonight to get your entry in. The winner will be announced at 10am tomorrow when we open a new draw. No multiple entries please, but if you don't win you're welcome to try again tomorrow with a new entry.

And yesterday's PC winner is... DerangedStoat who shares my fondness for puns:

The hit was put out. 'The Cleaner' was contracted. Maid un-made made man.

Shouts out to Bukake Kane, Dave, Sweet Potato Vines, Fury, GoMad, Shoitaan, xevone, ArghZombies and Rod for making my decision even more difficult than yesterday. Either PC gamers are smarter or you guys are better at haiku than limericks.

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    There once was a gangster named Ahmed,
    Got confused, wrote a haiku instead:
    Peaceful placid lake,
    Cement Boots were a mistake
    Good night, soon I'm dead.

      Oh my!

        Great job, but its not really a haiku is it? I understand if it wins but the competition didn't really ask for that though.

          As with most comps here, whats written is generally more of a guideline.. thinking outside the box is often rewarded - besides, it tends to make things a bit more interesting :)

      Don't really see much point entering this competition now...

        haha yeah, that was pretty epic.. i'm glad i'm not trying to win the PS3 version

        The gangster's eyes met
        One's were glazed over with fear
        Gobbo was shot down

        I hope no one's giving up just because the bar has been raised.

          haha it would certainly appear that way - i would like to see someone top that though, or at least try!

          Gobbo really has kicked it into overdrive though - makes me quite nervous for what i must compete against tomorrow :P

          I'm hoping they've given up... ;)

            haha i'm sure you would be mate :P... maybe i should come up with something to topple you ;)

              Nooooo! :P

              I held off from entering Tues/Wed cos the Xbox and PC versions wouldn't have done me much good... so had this limeraiku idea before the competition involved haikus...

              ...perhaps I shoulda bought a lottery ticket instead?

          It’s just that we know you too well, Dave.
          Gobbo’s entry is a master brain wave.
          It’s innovative,
          So damn creative
          Don’t worry we will be brave
          For collectively it is our secret hope
          That you increase the competitions scope
          In this special case,
          His entry so ace,
          Awarding him with a signed copy to grope
          You see; then we will fight once more,
          The original prize will be in store,
          For the second best
          Of our haiku jest.
          Our convenient community once more at war.

            Oh damn! Now there's definitely no point. Damn you people and your ability to write....things....

      Haha fantastic. Well played Gobo.

      Haha ... winner judged four minutes after the comp started!

      I've gotta say that was brilliant Gobbo! Just glad I bothered writting mine before I saw this or I'd likely not have bothered.

      Yep. End of comp for the day. Maybe we just skip to the next day's entries instead now...?

    The Godfather makes
    An offer you can't refuse...
    Oh sorry, wrong game

    Damn fuckin Gobbo
    Smart-arse damn sod, Fat Tony
    says, enjoy the prize!

    (nuttin will beat your entry today Gobbo, it was freaking awesome x 1000!!)

    Crime packed city streets
    Family love so hateful
    Pause pressed to go pee

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense
    Tommy Gun Cat Hat

      I have that threadless shirt.

        It's ok, I only copied 66% of it... :P

    ah stereotype
    thick jersey accents all round
    pass my tommy gun

    Congrats To Gobbo
    for winning todays final
    PlayStation Prize pack

    Enjoy it! ;)

    Haiku?? Or Limerick?? Here's my Haiku..

    Women, money, cars
    Tommy guns and White Powder
    It WILL all be mine

    creeping through the house
    tucking surprise under sheet
    i'm sorry Phar Lap

      There you have it ladies and gentlemen, my first ever haiku... I hope it is correct.

    Nineties killing me
    Not supposed to kill no more
    Tiptoe through tulips

    Up in the hizzle
    sippin' on the gin n juice
    my bad wrong gangster

    garroted wire chokes
    struggle will be over soon
    nautical themed nap.

    A collar of iron
    With barbs to pierce the flesh
    Blood to tell the truth

    La li lu le lo
    I need scissors! 61!
    Wrong game you wise guy

    Gobbo wowed David
    With hybrid haiku limmerick
    All others gave up

    Concrete boots on feet,
    I am drowning yet patient,
    as my save-game loads.

    New gangster wanted
    Must have own gun and transport
    On the job training

    I hereby contract
    someone to take out Gobbo
    bring finger for proof!

    Winter night stake out;
    Rival family Don looms;
    Target, Trigger, Kill.

    (Thankyou for continuing to mock me David, you big tease)

    What's a guy to do?
    Twice bridesmaid, never the bride.
    Mob life I abide

      ahahah Bukake, when are you ganna cop a break? That's the 2nd time you got an honrable mention.
      Lift your game !!

    Holy crap! You've 'made' my day!

    Thanks David!

      Congrats mate, on winning the competition and apparently being smarter than all console gamers;)

      Congrats mate - great haiku lol :D

    There once was a gangster who'd broken the rules
    By racketeering his literary tools
    Wildgoose is amused
    At how everyone will lose
    Thinks us all quite fools

    Suit and tie, respect
    Ruthless Killer… then we eat.
    Sit with friends, dark soul.

    Trying for a darker perspective on the Mafia mentality and the mundane mixed with the bloodshed. Hard to do with so few words!

    Looks like you have all selected a winner anyway so thought i'd try something different.

    This is a story
    All about how my life got
    flip-turned upside down

    Gobbo, that gangster!
    An honorable mention
    is all I hope for

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