WIN! Mafia II Xbox 360 Gangster Pack

To mark the launch this week of 2K's gritty and authentic open world crime sim, we have a host of Mafia gear up for grabs. Today it's the 2nd and final 360 prize, and the last in our week-long giveaway.

Thanks to our friend at 2K Games, we have FIVE Mafia II "gangster" packs to give away. We'll be giving away one each day this week. Each pack contains:

* Mafia II game * Mafia II t-shirt * Mafia II cufflinks * Mafia II artbook * Mafia II moneyclip

So how do you win today's 360 pack? Easy. It's time for haiku!

Because you love haiku. Hit us up with your mafia themed haiku in the comments. The cleverest/wittiest haiku will win. Or if not, possibly just the one I like the most.

You've got until midnight tonight to get your entry in. The winner will be announced over the weekend. No multiple entries please, but if you don't win you're welcome to try again tomorrow with a new entry.

And yesterday's PS3 winner is... with inevitable predictability, Gobbo. It may look like a limerick, but it is in fact a haiku:

There once was a gangster named Ahmed, Got confused, wrote a haiku instead: Peaceful placid lake, Cement Boots were a mistake Good night, soon I'm dead.

Shouts out to proj, welbot, ArghZombies, yikes and Dutch for carrying on, undaunted, in the face of such stiff early competition.

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    Time to whack this guy
    pow pow pow pow pow pow pow!
    oops I think I missed

    Corleone's Curse
    Mobster life bring's great sadness
    Friends become villains

    Vito's adventure
    Explores similar outcomes
    Still is compelling

    Mafia II moves
    Like Norman Rockwell Paintings
    Glorious Motion

    Shaking down morons
    Who borrowed too much money
    To live their dumb lives

    YEEEAH Awesome thanks Dave!! :D

      Fantastic work mate - well deserved

        Oh noes, you've got a name change!

        .........or you're just really bad at impersonating Chuloopa.

          No.. just horrendous spelling.. LOL

          thanks for pointing it out though mate

      grats dude

      yeah I kinda suspected that I shouldn't have bothered but it was the last PS3 version :(
      ah well guess I'll settle for runner(s) up...

      Well won good sir!

      Woo! Honorable mention!

      Good work mate... it was like you punched us all in the man bits with the first post...

      You did it in a nice way though, so its OK!

    Gangster pack for me
    An offer you can't refuse
    Or you'll sleep with fish

    Garbage runs are ours
    try to encroach and you die
    obey family law

    judas kissed,
    baseball bat kneecap broken
    rat to meet fishes

    Enter the family bathed in blood
    Rise to power
    Fall from grace

    a note from husband:
    drop off suit to dry-cleaners.
    what is this blood stain?

    Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in

    M y attempt at breaking the rules comes
    A cross as a cheap ploy...
    F ish and Concrete Boots
    I s where I'll end up tonight
    A fter crossing Dave

    / runs! :p

    hey ma, got a knife?
    what happened? are you alright?
    deer stuck in the grille...

    *goodfellas reference

    You sonofabitch
    Do you not know who I am?
    Yesterdays winner

    tommy guns barking
    fedoras and classic cars
    Empire City

    Mafia Mentals
    Maliciously Main My Men
    Mere Marionettes...

    Good luck everyone! :D

      ... you think i'd know how to spell my name by now... maybe a chuloppa is my evil twin... dum dum dummmm

        God damn it.. just noticed another one..

        sorry dave it's meant to be

        Mafia Mentals
        Maliciously MAIM My Men
        Mere Marionettes…

        sorry, i hope the spelling fix is ok :s

        man what a day...

    Show me a hint of doubt
    I shall send my best mafia scout
    slap em with a trout

    Ezekiel twenty-five seventeen.
    Mayonnaise put on french fries Goddamn!
    It's Royale with cheese.

    The best Gangster film of all, bring out the gimp! Good luck all, enjoying these competitions a lot. Great work Kotaku.

    Gangster wants prize-pack,
    Wishes for longer hiaku,
    Runs out of Sylla.

    Wire test: one, two, three,
    Helping feds to save my skin.
    Will boss suspect me?

    Empty shells spray wild
    Another rug off the bridge
    Then home for pasta

    What you lookin' at?
    You wanna play rough? Okay.
    Meet my little friend!

    Blood on knuckles. Pain.
    Choices made. Resolution.
    Stench of death. Regret.

    Gangster Rick Astley
    Never gonna give you up,
    Move Heaven and Earth.

    Cherry blossom falls
    Over my enemy's corpse
    Rest in peace bastard

    Shouldn't have got tatt
    Now cannot bathe in onsen
    No hot soak for me

    (In Japan, people with tattoos are not allowed to enter public baths/hot springs (onsen) because Yakuza have big tattoos and would scare off other customers)

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