Wonder Woman Is Looking Fine In DC Universe Online

It wouldn't be the DC Universe, online or offline, without Princess Diana of Themyscira, and while she isn't sporting the late-1980s short-jacket look she has in the comics, she's still looking great for a woman in her late 60s.

It looks like they've worked up two different looks for Wonder Woman in DC Universe Online. One sports a regal cape plus a stylised shield and sword, while the other one is the blue and white-starred grannie panty-wearing superhero we know and love. Judging by the screenshots, it looks like panty woman is getting the most screen time. I wonder if the more warrior-tastic Wonder Woman will be making an appearance at all.


    I'm glad they stuck with classic WW. Her new look is the right step to continue her story, but DC universe, it needs that iconic costume.

    The concept art looks so much better than the final model.

      As is so often the case translating 2D art to a 3D model while keeping everyone's graphic cards happy is hard work.

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