World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gets $US80 Special Edition

Maybe we'll find out soon when World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Blizzard's third paid expansion to World of Warcraft, will be released - this year? But at least today we can show you the special edition you can buy of it.

Official special edition fancy features, according to Blizzard:

· Art of the Cataclysm art book, featuring 176 pages of never-before-seen images from the archives of the Blizzard Entertainment cinematics department and the World of Warcraft development team, as well as progressive visuals from multiple stages of development.

· Exclusive in-game pet: he may not be a breaker of worlds just yet, but Lil' Deathwing will still proudly accompany heroes on their struggle to save Azeroth from his much, much larger counterpart.

· Behind-the-scenes DVD with over an hour of developer interviews and commentaries, as well as a special Warcraft retrospective examining the rich gaming history of the Warcraft universe.

· Soundtrack featuring 10 epic new tracks from Cataclysm, including exclusive bonus tracks.

· Special-edition mouse pad depicting Deathwing menacing the ravaged continents of Azeroth.

· World of Warcraft Trading Card Game cards, including a 60-card starter deck from the Wrathgate series, two extended-art cards, and two Collector's Edition-exclusive hero cards, marking the first appearance of goblin and worgen heroes in the TCG.

There you are. It'll cost $US79.99 and run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac.

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition will be available on DVD-ROM for Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 and Macintosh at a suggested retail price of $US79.99.

What more is there to know? What do you want, a release date?

Collector's edition box up top. Standard edition box below:


    So basically it's exactly the same thing they did for their last expansion, but Cataclysmified.

    Way to be creative...

      The last expansion pack didn't have the TCG game cards in it, but the other items are very similar to the wrath box

        Yes, WotLK did have the cards in it's collectors edition, I looked in mine the other day and they were there.

          Yeah, identical to the last one. Only thing thats different is the mouse pad, WoTLK had a map rather then a image on the mouse pad

    Standard edition pre-order canceled and this put on in it's place. Happy morning!

    Only thing I'd have liked would be footage from last year's Blizzcon. Guess they can't do it anymore with the agreement they have with Direct TV to show the live stream...

    Not a wow player, but i do like the box art compared to past games :)

    I am kinda gutted. I have WoW, BC and Wrath all in standard boxes. And I want Cata in a norm box too so it all matches. But then I want this Special Ed for lil-Deathwing :(

    Bit dissapointed actually...

    The SCII CE was so fantastic, it had the dog tag + comic book + all the stuff this one has, plus the box itself was super bad ass!

    This... as Daniel said, is just the same as their last EXP. WHY do they keep giving us WoW cards? I DON'T WANT TO PLAY THE WOW CARD GAME! If they put WoW cards in the Diablo 3 collector's edition I really will rage...

    I would have appreciated some kind of toy, or you know, collectible (that isn't virtual)


    Any word on Australian pricing?

    This will likely be $100, same as the last WOTLK:CE. My main concern is that I'm running out of coffee table space for these (admittedly beautiful) Blizzard art books and while I have plenty of CE pets (eg Frosty, Grunty, Mini Thor), I can only display one at a time :(

    Only reason I'd consider getting this is if the in-game pet was more than just decoration.

    My logic - you pay for a pet, it should buff or something useful. You quest hard for a pet, then let it just be pretty. Why? This way the useless pets still have "wow you did the dungeon" credibility to them and it makes the buy ones more useful than "wow, you paid extra and got something useless!"

      Pets, Mounts and Tabards are purely vanity items and will always remain that way. By Blizzard's logic, no-one should be able to 'buy' an edge with real-world money. It's the same deal with Collector's Editions. No-one should gain a buff just because they paid more for their copy.

      Even the most expensive TCG cards like Spectral Tiger which ebay for $$$ expect you to shell out the same amount of Gold in-game as a regular mount.

    With the addicted stranglehold they have over their players, the collector's edition box could have been priced at $200 and it wouldn't have lost a single customer.

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