Would You Like Some More Gran Turismo 5 Screens?

Well, okay then. Here you go. We've already posted more GT5 screens than you can shake a Prius at, but have some more. Go on. You deserve it.

Gran Turismo 5 will be released this November on the PS3.


    well GT have done it again. they are the first to add cowboys to a racing game congrats

    November can't come soon enough. Also one of the images doesn't belong. ;)

      I have no idea how that happened, but it's so ridiculous I'm going to leave it there.

        One of these things is not like the others....

        Personally, I think this game needs more horse racing.

    Go karts?! Hell yeah!

    Awesome work Polyphony, I'm getting this with a Driving Force GT when it comes out!

    Whoa, some of these I could swear are photos, or at least the background... are they?!


    This may very well be the day I buy a PS3.

    im stuck in a dilema, do i buy or do i not, these screens look absolutely awesome and being able to transfer my garage from my PSP is a bonus with having both F1 cars and 2 veyrons (one was a special edition i got with the ZR1). I think i might put a preorder on the collectors edition the sig edition is just a little too expensive for me.

    Please tell me i'm not the only one seeing a red dead screenshot randomly

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