Xbox Indie Clips: AvaGlide

Today on Kotaku's Xbox Indie Clips we take a look at AvaGlide, the Xbox Live Indie Game that gets us in a Pilot Wings sort of mood.

Our pal Luke Plunkett drooled over Haiku Interactive's Xbox Live Indie Game AvaGlide a few weeks back, but couldn't play it because Australia doesn't have Xbox Live Indie Games yet, so one of the reasons I picked AvaGlide this week is to rub his nose in it. He can take it; he's a father now.

The other reason is that Haiku Interactive's Alex Waterston sent us a picture of a rhino beetle he saw on his honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Yes, sometimes it's just that easy.

AvaGlide is available now in the Xbox Live Marketplace.


    Why do you taunt us?

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