Xbox Kinect Gets Its Fight Club

You love to punch your arms through the air, like you're beating up ghosts. You wish you could be part of a Fight Club. You have an Xbox 360 and may have a Kinect. There is a game for you.

The game is called Fighters Uncaged, and it appears to be publisher Ubisoft's answer to PlayStation Move motion-controlled fighting game The Fight: Lights Out (formerly known as Motion Fighter when we first played it). Both games reject the sunny mood of your average motion-controlled console video game in the interest of letting you shadow-box in grimy places against grimy virtual people.

The Ubisoft press release letting us know today that this game exists describes a game that lets you use 70 combat moves. Quoting the press release: "Fight using your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head to take out opponents. Body tracking allows for accurate dodging and blocking of incoming strikes delivering players directly into the game."

The game has a training system and leaderboards but does not appear to have local multiplayer. Maybe Kinect wouldn't support that. Or maybe it would just be too dangerous.


    eagle-eyed viewers will notice that kinect is still lagy

    shadowboxing really isnt much fun. its a training excercise. unless youre hitting a bag or a person it doesn't feel authentic.

      I eagerly await haptic feedback for such a game. Not too much of course, the whole point of having a virtual fight is *not* to get beaten up.

      It'd be cool if you could pick characters that used different styles, which were then picked up by the kinect properly.

      Yeah, because people will use a Kinect fighting game for the authenticity. A lot of stupid comments here, seemingly from people who are very frightened by adding movement to gaming *cough*Wii*cough*biggest selling games each month*cough*. Don't worry, you can all still play Need For Speed with a controller.

    game looks horrid

    Won't be long before someone breaks an ankle attempting one of those spinning back kicks

    I'll stick to any games that use a controller and don't have me having to get up and actually move to fight, thank you very much. BORING.

    Will be interesting, especialy when law suits begin from people swinging their leg out and falling over.

    More to the point as above, kicking air will have to be seen to be believed, it woul dfeel odd to hit nothing, though we'll see. Wii boxing had it's success. Though it never attempted realism.

    Lies. This is not Fight Club. Because if it was, you wouldn't be talking about it.

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