Xfire Sold Off, Development Team Leaving

Two communications today from Xfire, the social networking tool for PC gamers, indicate that the service has been sold off and most of its development team will be leaving as a result. Details other than that are sparse.

At about 3.15pm Pacific Time, Xfire members received the following message:

Xfire was bought by new owners today. Most of the team that has built Xfire over the last six years is leaving. We enjoyed working for you for the last 127 releases and wish we could stay to create the next 127. Good bye, good luck, and game on. - The Xfire Team

A similar message could be found on the Xfire front page.

August 2, 2010—Xfire has been purchased by another company. Most of the team that has brought you Xfire for the last 6 years is leaving, including me. We've enjoyed our time and I personally am sad that I was only able to do 127 releases. Good bye and game on!

- Chris

Xfire, with more than 16 million users, allows PC gamers to network amongst each other and streamlined matchmaking in many games down to one free client. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, it was acquired by Viacom, the parent company of MTV Networks, in April 2006.

Kotaku has tried to reach Xfire for additional comment through a press inquiry email address. Any that comes will be updated here.


    XFire is going to go to hell in a handbasket because of this. I hope you all enjoyed XFire while it lasted, cause i'm sure this new company won't be doing much good to it.

      That sucks, I use it regularly and it is a great tool... sadly missed... Lets hope that it is at least not made worse by thid and it is still supported?

    Ugh, this doesn't sound good for Xfire.

    Let me add my voice to the worried chorus - CFire is great for tracking gameplay hours, taking screenshots and videos, and most importantly chatting in-game.

    Wow, this is terrible and sudden news :(. I've used Xfire pretty much since it came out, It was a great way to be able to chat with my mates while we were in different games.

    I also loved the game play hour tracking feature, it was a brilliant little tool for me to determine how worthwhile a game was to me. I remember when the Red Alert 3 expansion came out, I considered buying it, but then I looked at my dismal RA3 xfire stats - less than 20 hours. If I played the original so little, why would the expansion change things? It also helped me quit WoW the first couple of time. Nothing give you a bigger shock than when you realise that WoW constitutes over two thirds of your total game playing time...

    They were also starting to pick up a lot of steam lately, with things like in-game video recording (for FREE! Suck on that FRAPS) and cross-IM chat (I haven't used the horrible resource hog that is MSN messenger for over a year how)

      Yea, I second all of this. Great tool to see your collection and what games you get the most gameplay out of. Also good to see what the wider PC community is playing too with the Top 10 list and so on. Hopefully it does not go away, or even worse, we have to pay for it. Thanks to the XFire team for the great support to PC gamers. Rare these days...

    Am I the only one who has never heard of it until today?

      @Cerzel: Yes. :P

      There are several competing alternatives to Xfire out there.

      * PlayXpert
      * Raptr
      * GSC

      Of these I have only personally used PlayXpert, which I was not really all that impressed with. This was over a year ago while, it was in early beta however

      There is at least reassurance in the fact that there are other options out there, should Xfire's new owner manage to drive it into the ground.

      Now, lets play a game. It's called "Who bought Xfire?" My first guess goes to Yahoo, since they're the ones who wanted this in the first place and sued Xfire's owners. XD

    Oh that's sad, I used Xfire when it was in beta, used in during the WoW time and just moved on from it. Sad to see it go.

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