You Know What Scott Pilgrim Needs? More Zombies

You Know What Scott Pilgrim Needs? More Zombies

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World director Edgar Wright calls in some friends from Shaun of the Dead to add a little more awesome to Ubisoft’s 2D downloadable Scott Pilgrim video game.

The old-fashioned, 2D beat-em-up gets an old-fashioned secret controller code, unleashing hordes of undead hipsters on our unsuspecting heroes. It’s no up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start, but it’ll do.

What one thing could make the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World game even more awesome? [Edgar Wright – Thanks Andrew!]


    • Debuting on PSN, coming out on XBLA a month or two later. Like with the map packs for MW2, only the other way round. And not overpriced.

      • I thought it was an exclusive title for sony just the way that it has been marketed. As for overpriced… no doubt the game will be $20. Still too much for me to pay for a PSN/XBLA game.

        • $20 seems okay-ish. The game looks like great fun, and the comics are quite good. And yeah, Sony has been going on and on about it. Meh. I only have a PS3, so it works out for me!

    • No it is only a PS exclusive for two weeks – it comes out on the Xbox Marketplace on the 25th of August. Also i thought the game would only be 800MS points which would mean a price tag of $12-13.

      • these companies really need to ditch there points systems, if somethings gonna cost 5.43 let me pay that straight up with my card

        its one of the main reasons i havent just picked up a 360 for the download/indie games(well that and i get the impression alot dont get released here because there not rated)

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