Your First Look At Deus Ex Gameplay

You've seen plenty of cinematic trailers, you've seen interviews and heard about the aesthetic design of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but they've never show you the game in action... until now.

The two-and-a-half minute video mashes gameplay with what I'd bet are cinematic pieces, but there's still a better sense of what the actual gameplay will look like in motion. It's still hard for me to get a sense of what playing this game will be like, but I remain intrigued. Some of the special moves, like seeing through walls and turning invisible, seem well implemented and I'd love to control a character who's arm can unfold into a giant gun.

I still think the game is a bit too dark, a bit too gold for my tastes though.


    love it.

    Was the name of the ship he landed in at the beginning called BOOBEE?

    This makes me sad. It seems there was a world wide meeting of game developers and it was there that they all agreed to never make any colourful games anymore. They changed all their development programs to only allow yellow, grey, black, and brown colours.

    Only people who couldn't make it to the "brown scale only" summit was Valve, Irrational Games and Blizzard.

      It is sad, you forgot Naughty Dog though, Uncharted 2 is one of the most colourful current gen games I have played by far. They even make fun of other games with an unlockable "Next Gen" colour filter in game which literally makes it brown scale.

        Bungie was also busy planning their world domination.

    Eidos missed a perfect opportunity to say "A BOMB!".
    Otherwise all good.

    Does anyone know if being non-violent, not killing anyone, is still an option?

      I enjoyed the hacking and stealth elements of the other games more so.

    Looks like a mashup of 1st person shooting, 3rd person hand combat and QTEs?!?

    It looks like it so it gives me hope, but if that footage is anything more than just one major plot mission in the game, this will get short and sad. So yeah, that better be just one long mission in one of the cities to visit out of many varied ones.

      This footage is all taken from the one mission they demoed at E3.

    Square Enix & Eidos...... this game will be great.

    Don't know bout u guys, but I say shaa-wing!
    I'm actually excited that there is a game coming out that I actually want to play.
    Hope I'm not let down like I was with Farcry2.
    I'll be very sad if it's dumbed down for the console-tards. :) al la Farcry2

      Do you mean "a'la"?

      "al la Farcry2"?

      You have no right to be calling who and who isn't a 'tard, dude.

        Too easy!

      Since everyone else here seems to be grammer/ spelling nazi's, I thin i
      ll put something at least a little constructive to this.

      I own Deus Ex: Invisible War on xbox. That a console.
      I also own it on PC. Neither are distinguishable from each other in difficulty, just smoothness and motion of player control.

    This looks AWESOME!!

    I loved the first game so much.

    I think my concern that Square Enix would screw this up has been well founded. Good guys look like they spend half their time in front of a mirror. Bad guys are evil because they have a disfigurement.
    And jesus, it's gone to have one of their idiotic "plots" isn't it? It''l be nature vs tech, or someone upset god, with a whole bunch of "twists" that were revealed in full in the first half hour.

      Umm, Square Enix are just directing the cinematics. The actual plot and writing is in the hands of Eidos Montreal, so blame them if the plot goes bad.

      As for me, I'm expecting the plot will either be a giant slap in the face of Prometheus (i.e. Science Is Bad and Technology Will Cause Dystopia) as well as a highly simplified dumbed-down-Marxist attack on "capitalism" (because apparently the defining characteristic of free market economics is the existence of limited liability corporations (false), and any limited liability corporation is automatically corrupt and evil to the core (also false; some are to some degree, but it is not true to say all of them are entirely evil)). But who knows, my pessimism could be proven wrong.

        Exactly the vibe I'm getting. It's very Masamune Shirow in feel, I have to say - very much his style of presentation and (I'm assuming) dystopia.

          You know, I never noticed the similarities between GITS and Deus Ex until now. Guess they just occupied different spaces in my brain. If it can match the original or GITS for writing it'll be an instant buy for me.

    This game looks cool but the one thought that sticks out to me in all the trailers is "That's the voice they're using for the main guy? Really? Him?". I kind of wish Nolan North was in this, at least he always sounds like he gives a damn.

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