Your Kane & Lynch 2 Winners Are F*cked Up

Last week we offered a copy of Kane & Lynch 2 and a hoodie worn in-game by Lynch to ten Kotaku readers who could recreate a Kane & Lynch style screenshot. Here's the mess you created.

Thing is, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days adopts a highly... unusual visual style. It's as if the whole game is being filmed by someone running around behind you with a broken mobile phone and then uploaded it to Youtube at the lowest possible quality compression. It is deliberately ugly, full of colour bleeding and artefacting.

We asked you to recreate his vibe in a photograph of yourself. Your entries ranged from the startlingly authentic to the genuinely hilarious, all via the what-the-heck-is-that pile of weird.

But we've picked the ten winners. And here they are (click to enlarge):

Blair could obviously do with a bit of luck given he appears to have orange blood.

Brad could obviously do with the hoodie.

Jim gets bonus points for the cunning Kotaku logo ID card.

Maddie needs lessons in how to aim for the fire extinguishers.

Marty has the manliest beard ever.

Michael has got the scars to prove it.

Rhys refused to be blinded by the prize.

Sam knows you can't win by lying down on the job.

Steven has a mushroom cloud in his goddamned living room.

And Troy is, well... Troying.

Well done to all ten winners, I'll be in touch soon to grab your details, and thanks to everyone else who entered.


    hahaha awesomeeee!!!!

    Goose - you're pyuns are getting worse and i flipping love it!!! Troying? lol

    Why do i get the feeling your slowly becoming desensitized to my entries?

    Thanks heaps for the win! It's, as usual, very much appreciated!

    Props to Steven for the Mushroom cloud too! haha brilliant!

    Double props to Brad for being suitably staunch and making me wet myself when i looked at his submission - i hope to never meet you in a dark alley, my boy!

      Maybe I forgot to mention... Brad = FatShady

        Also, awesome on the win. Thanks David!

        And loops, thanks for noticing that I am huge... but I am actually huger (fatter hence the name) than that... Photoshop is a great thing.

        Oh, and the background photo i used was actually in shanghai and it was broad daylight.

        Also the Kotaku logo i drew on my right hand with my left hand and I think i did pretty well.


          You scare me. Which, I suppose, is kinda the point. Kinda. So well done, and congratulations all!

          let the record show that i said staunch - which is far more complimentary lol

            whippin' out the man love.

          Congratulation to all, but yours is the pick of the bunch.

          Well done! now please stay in your neighbourhood and never ever venture out... :p

    Haha, congrats to all!

    Although I particularly enjoyed Marty L's, whose drawn-on beard (and what a beard!) combines seemlessly into today's Talk Amongst Yourselves beard discussion!


    Well done guys.

    I would seriously not want to mess with Fatshady. He looks as vicious as Lynch in that photo.

    And Steve has the manliest beard I've ever seen?


    Well done guys! Pretty decent efforts! FatShady's looks totally badass!!

    Wow Brad, yours looks great! Cool idea making the Kotaku logo a tattoo.

      I was going to write a four letter word that ended in k for the logo but couldn't think of a word like that. Oh well.

    I'll take the PC version.

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