Zoey Goes Ninja While The Engineer Does The Robot

Using sparse backgrounds, Garry's Mod and the power of C&C Music Factory, YouTube user thejazzman9475 has for the last month been taking some of Valve's best characters and breathing a little extra life into them.

In the clip above, Left 4 Dead's Zoey breaks free from the confines of a first-person perspective and figures out a way to bring down a Tank without wasting bullets, while in the clip below, Team Fortress 2's Engineer figures out a way to go left to right (groove) and work you all night, before finally letting the music take control.


    OMG. That dancing engie video signifies the internet has peaked. Its all downhill from here...

    Jazzman, we are not worthy...

    I'm so glad I found this way before you guys did :D
    I swear I need to tone down on my Youtube subscriptions... I HAVE 300 now ;D

    haha brilliant!!!

    Man it seems i have been missing quite a lot with gary's mod!

    WOW. Thank you for posting these. So. Much.

    They are awesome!

    He programs in dance rather well.
    maybe too well?

      The only possible explanation is that he is actually a super-powered AI that has made lovingly detailed youtube clips to lull the human race into complacency before taking over the world.

      We must remain ever vigilant.

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