2010 Is Not The Year Of The Wii

The Wii sure ain't what it used to be, this handy chart highlighting that for Nintendo's home console, 2010 hasn't been as happy as the glory days of 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009.

The image below shows the 12 worst months for Wii hardware sales since the console launched in late 2006. Four of those 12 months have come in 2010, and August 2010 was the worst month the system has ever seen, with only the fact March 2007 was a five-week month (thus skewing its monthly average figure), keeping it from the bottom spot on this graph.

Sure, the Christmas season will see numbers pick up again. And decline is a relative term, based on the astronomical highs the console has hit over the last few years. But it's a decline nonetheless.

It highlights starkly that the Wii is running out of puff, and running out fast. Whereas other blockbuster consoles like Sony's PlayStation 2 continued to sell strongly as they grew older, the persistent decline in Wii sales in the US must be of some concern to Nintendo of America.

Analysis: Wii and DS Hit All Time Lows In U.S. [Gamasutra][image credit]


    Super Next Generation Console Happy Time!

      What he said. :)


    The Wii has plenty of good games coming out this year. But yeah, Nintendo needs a new console FAST. The PS3 Move is decimating the graphics and the motion controls of the Motionplus.

    Thanks for crediting me on the photo.

    Because the casual gamers dont keep buying game after game after game.

    they get their console then play wii sports and wii crap and wii shovelware.

    i hope the wii really starts to struggle so nintendo shift their ass into gear with a new console that has HD graphics, 5.1 sound and a fully functioning online system where adding a friend is as simple as it is on 360 and PS3.

    I've been a nintendo fan since i was a kid but i really have no interest in the Wii anymore. I cant get into Wii games like i do 360 and PS3 games.

    I want to be able to chat with friends with ease. join MP games easily with friends. have graphics that don't hurt my eyes and enjoy full surround sound.

    Just because it has the lowest sales, doesn't mean it's not a great year.

    It may not be a good year in sales but in quality of titles, that's debatable.

    Nintendo 4 Eva, through good or bad.
    I'm not an impressionable child who has to follow trends to feel accepted, I will never support Sony or Microsoft... NEVER! After over twenty years deep rollin' with N, I'd rather give up gaming all together.

    Have all 3 systems. In terms of quality games this year, wii wins out. For ps3 there is god of war 3, heavy rain, mag and MAYBE gt5. For xbox, reach, fable 3, dead rising 2, mass effect 2. For wii, metroid other m, Kirby epic yarn, super Mario galaxy 2, donkey kong country, epic mickey, possibly sonic, GOLDENEYE007. Just when I thought the wii was irrelevant...

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