320GB PS3 Adjusts Its Belt On September 16

The PlayStation 3 Slim gets a little fatter later this month as Sony confirms the September launch in Australia of the 320GB and 160GB PS3 consoles.

By "fatter" I don't mean the console itself is physically larger. It's just the hard drive now has greater storage capacity.

The 320GB console will replace the 250GB at the same $599.95 RRP when it launches on September 16. And a week later, it'll be joined on shelf by a 160GB console replacing the 120GB at $499.95.

Both the 250GB and 120GB consoles will be phased out over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for some discounts as retail offload stock.


    ...so get the discounted models and upgrade the HD yourself :)

    Bugger! I just bought the 250gb version :(

    I feel amused at the fact that I'm still using a 40GB phat PS3?

      Yeah I am in the same boat. Having said that, I have two PS3's.

      One which is my online gaming one (40gb) and the other which is in the bedroom for PSN titles and comfortable lazy gaming.

      I have no idea how you're doing that...I got a launch 120gb and had a look yesterday...have used about 65% of the space already!

    Ah, so they are 'phatter' ;-)

    yep i got a 120gb and put a 500 gb hdd in it for a total cost less than the 250gb version! laziness = more money for sony :)

    Awesome. Looks like I hold out for the 320GB.

    Also a really random question for anyone who owns a Slim and cares to answer. That strip along the front - the one with the buttons on it that sits beneath the disc slot... is it chrome or gloss black?

    No matter how many vids of pics I look at, it's incredibly hard to tell online...

      *vids or pics

        it's a bit of both. it's def not gloss black but it's not just chrome. it's a dark grey gloss/chrome? :/

          Heh, that probably explains why I could never discern it.

          Thanks, mate. :)

    I still preffer the old fat PS3s.... when i do eventually pick up a PS3 it will be the older, fatter version... hopefully nice and cheap...

      Yeah, I'm torn. I hate the size and shape of the old fat one *cough*George Foreman grill*cough*, but the gloss black finish with chrome trim and touch sensitive buttons is ULTRAsexy. Then there's the Slim with a lovely shape and size... but depressable buttons and matt black finish?


    Lets hope the discounts come soon!

    My fat 40G PS3 died on me a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to have a crack at repairing it myself, but will definitely pick up a slim if I can get one for $300-$350 (just missed out on getting a $350 one from Sony Centre recently).

    I'm super pissed about it dying though. I purposely bought a PS3 because I didn't trust the build quality of the 360!

      How ironic, didn't trust the built quality of Xbox360 and your PS3 died.

    320 Gigabytes of capacity???? !!!! OMG Sony has such increadible technologies !!!

    Seriously Sony are sooooooooooooooo sloooooooow and way-way to EXPENSIVE.

    Do it yourself 500GB and use the saved money to buy a nice shiny Jailbreak dongle and get into home brew too.

    "Its a Sony" = Disapointments and dead ends
    "Its a Fony" = :) Good Times! and open standards

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