978 Zombie Games, Movies, Books, Comics, All In One Place

This poster, by Freaking Awesome, contains the title of 978 pieces of zombie fiction, arranged Left 4 Dead-style in the shape of a flesh-biter's hand. Can you spot the video games among them?

It's not hard. They're mostly in one spot, and while it won't be comprehensive, they've done a pretty good job, including games from series like OneChanbara alongside more well-known franchises like Resident Evil.

You can find purchasing info at the link below, if you're interested.

Zombie Poster [FA]


    I Am Legend is not a zombie medium. That alone was enough to stop me ordering it.

      It is in the movie, so get over yourself.

        No, they're not even zombies in the movie. They show intelligence, planning and don't come out during the day. They're vampires, just really odd vampires that aren't near enough to the book.

        Also, way to attack me personally. Jerk.

          Thank you. Most people seem to miss the vampire connection...

      A lot of those aren't technically zombies 28 Days, Dead Space,Army of Darkness etc

      It's still a cool poster

      Actually, while the original novel and the most recent adaptation of it were about vampires, one of the earlier movie adaptations (I don't remember which) of I Am Legend did portray it as essentially a zombie flick. The maker of this poster thingy may have been referring to that one.
      ...Or, they're just wrong.

    it is close enough

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