A Coffee Table That Loves To Bump And Grind

A Coffee Table That Loves To Bump And Grind

Having sufficiently mourned the passing of that pinball machine you’ve nurtured over the years, until it finally, irrevocably gave up its blinking ghosts, it’s now time to move on and celebrate the good times.

And how better to celebrate the life of such a wondrous off-spring of clock works and diodes then by ripping out its guts and putting the fa├žade up for daily display. Let’s hope Kotaku Tower never has an adopted waif whose life we want to celebrate…

Zieak over at Instructables walks us through how to turn the playfield of an old, hopefully no longer living, pinball machine into a fairly kick-ass coffee table.

It involves quite a lot of work, and owning a pinball table you’re willing to gut, but the end result is pretty spectacular… or at least it would be if he stained that wood. Stain it man!

LED Pinball Coffee Table [Instructables, via Arcade Heroes]

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