A Famicom Dissected

Whenever new hardware is released, it is common for folks to rip it apart and then take photos of the innards for the entire internet to ogle. This time is different.

This time it's a Famicom, released in 1983 and built by nice ladies.

As Gizmodo points out, here is a list of the chips on the Famicom board:

Ricoh RP2A03G 8-bit, 1.79 MHz CPU Ricoh RP2C02G-0 8-bit, 5.32 MHz PPU Toshiba TC40H368P hex bus buffers Sharp LH5216D-12 static RAM Hitachi HD74LS139P decoder/demultiplexer Fujitsu MB74LS373

Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) Teardown [iFixit via Wired via Gizmodo]


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