Live-Action Pokemon Movie Would Never Be This Great

Someone has gone to the trouble of concocting a fake trailer for a live-action Pokemon movie, complete with in-progress watermarks and surprisingly decent special effects.

We love it. The moody music, the dramatic overacting, the impressive evolving effects; as an exercise in fan fantasy, it's a blast. A real movie like this today would of course suck. It'd be like Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Dragonball Z meets Speed Racer meets a million other ill-advised live-action adaptations.

Funny thing is, though, you can never tell what the future holds. When the Transformers generation grew up, their childish cartoon was turned into a dark, violent movie series. Who's to say Nintendo may not fancy doing the same thing in 10-15 years for the Pokemon generation? It will have been long enough to forget the horror that was Super Mario Bros....

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    That would be cool to see the an adult adaptation of pokemon. Horrifying experiments! Conglomerations vying for world supremacy! Mountain treasure! The return of Brock?!

      I dunno, lady-lover Brock in an adult rated film could potentially be a bad combination...

        all he needs is the sleazy saxophone porn music.

      Dude was always looking very suspicious with those eyes

    Pretty dark! Nevetheless, I'd pay to see this!..oh, and the music needs to be the Guile theme..goes with everything you know ;-).

    Young kid kicked out of home gets into animal fights in the name of 'research'.
    Has to survive on his own with nothing but his town map and level 5 Pokemon.
    Could be good.

    Speed Racer was good imo.

    Oh god, i'm having flashbacks to Dragonball: Evolution. Make it stop, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

    Kids cartoon do not good mature movies make

    WTH Speed Racer was awesome. I don't know how close it was to the source material but it seemed pretty close in terms of imagery and style. It wasn't Dragon Ball Evolution that's for sure.

    Evolution sucked hard, like so very hard, but Speed Racer was batshit awesome. I got chills when he deployed the tire spikes the first time. Nostalgic spine zaps all over that movie, was awesome. A super dark pokemon live action would be rad as. And just 'cause kids these days watch the 18th series doesn't make them the pokemon generation. I watched Pokemon, Transformers, and Speed Racer when I was a kid, and I want my live actions now!

    00:11 = IMA FIRIN MY LAZOR!!!!

    hahaha @ super mario bro's
    only god knows why i enjoyed that film as a kid

    I don't care. That was awesome.

    I may be too used to the anime, but the characters having sub machine guns seems out of place for Pokemon. If I had one critique it would be that the pokemon still look a bit too cartoony for the real world. Specifically the Squirtle, the Jigglypuff and even the Charizard. The Gyaradose was close, but the Onyx hit it on the head IMO.

    It could just be the quality of the video though.

    Don't be hating on the Speed Racer. Before Scott Pilgrim, this was the film that committed itself wholly to it's crazed hyper-crazy aesthetic.

    I had to purchase new retinas after that last race.

    Would be a cool idea. Darker Pokemon story, but the cgi monsters better not look as creepily day-glo plastic as that trailer showed. (Even if this is fake)

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