A Magical Journey Through Tons Of Square Enix's Licensed Stuff

Capcom isn't the only Japanese game publisher ready, willing and thrilled to sell its licensed wares to Tokyo Game Show attendees. Square Enix always has a commanding presence at TGS, a space loaded with high quality crap for purchase.

Whether you're in the market for perfumes that will make you smell like a Final Fantasy XIII character or scented candles that will make your home have a whiff of Sephiroth, there's something for you at the Square Enix TGS shop.

While it was painful to walk away from the dozens of metallic, plush, glittery, brightly coloured and soluble Slimes, at least we came home with pictures of Square Enix's upcoming Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy themed goods. Live vicariously through our gallery and start making a list for the holidays.


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