A Peek Inside The DJ Max Portable 3 Special Bundle Edition

About 1000 of the 6000 physical copies of DJ Max Portable 3 for the PSP hitting North America will be the Special Bundle Edition, and this is what it looks like.

Available exclusively at Bemanistyle.com for $US110, PM Studios is now getting every copy signed by the development team, while assuring fans that the prize vouchers distributed randomly across many of the SBEs will be outside of the game itself, so collector's won't have to break the seal to see what they've won.

Pretty damn attractive, isn't it?


    Any confirmed way to get this shipped to Australia? I ordered a copy from Bemanistyle because it says they are shipping to "Other english speaking territories" but the only options were "US" and "Canada/Mexico". I chose "US" and paid for it, no confirmation if I'll ever get it, though.

    @Lance McDonald:
    I'm sorry to tell you this. It does ship to Australia, but you have to choose "Canada/Mexico" so that purchasers outside US will be able to claim their prize. For more information, read the information from this website:


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