A Video Tour Of iPhone's Game Center

Apple's one-stop shop for iPhone gamers and gaming, the Game Center, just went live with the release of the iPhone's 4.1 firmware update. Here's a rundown of what you can expect once you get it installed.

First the heart breaker: Owners of the original iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G will be left out of the matchmaking, achievement gathering and friends list-perusing of the new Apple gaming service.

If you're not on that list, then check out our video tour. One note: At the time of recording the video, no games supported Game Center, but that has been slowly changing. As of this evening, Firemint's Flight Control has already added support as has Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man.


    i own flight control, yet i can't see it in game center!?

      lol as soon as i posted this i checked for updates.... 9 updates to do!

      flight control, fieldrunners, zen bound 2, enigmo, WSOP, Cro-Mag rally all updated with game center support :D

      if anyone wants to add me to game center... my nickname is KRiSX

      cheers :)

    Damn you iphone 3G lack of support.

    I guess that will give me a reason to update. The 4.1 release has sped up my phone which is good though. It got quite laggy lately.

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