A Wii Remote Suited For Doctor Who

Playing a Doctor Who Wii game with a Wii-Remote could be fun. This is better.

This fall, the British sci-fi series is getting a Wii title called Doctor Who: Return To Earth. The BBC has teamed with a peripheral maker to create a Sonic Screwdriver Wii controller.

A Sonic Screwdriver stylus will also be released for DS game Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth.

As the Official Nintendo Magazine UK points out, actor Matt Smith, who currently plays the doctor, is lending his likeness to the game as is Karen Gillan, who plays his cohort Amy Pond.

News: Doctor Who gets Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote [Official Nintendo Magazine Thanks, Jekku!]


    Oh hell yes

    I was only kidding when I suggested those sex toy wiu remotes looked like they were from a Dr. Who game!

    Yeah I saw this on Destructiod.... Who wouldn't want one... Although it would look weird with all the add-ons.


    Will probably be uncomfortable but damned if i wont be buying it.

    Perhaps the first Wii attachment that I actually want. Hope the game is good to warrant it.

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