About A Blob: Side-Scrolling Katamari Damacy For Thinking People

The developers say it is a little bit of Katamari Damacy and a little bit of Gish. Before Penny Arcade Expo, I didn't know know Tales From Space: About A Blob existed, let alone what such a combo makes.

This single or co-op game launches in January as a downloadable game for the PlayStation 3. It's a side-scroller. One or two players control blobs that need to absorb enough lollies, junk or eventually people and buildings in order to reach a threshold size and then continue further into the game. You get bigger, level after level.

The concept is simple. The graphics are clear, cartoony and pleasing. The controls are basic, just complex enough to allow movement, jumping and any ejection of the junk you've absorbed.

This game will excel if it has good enough level design. As you can see from the video, the build being shown at Penny Arcade Expo showed promise in that regard.


    I would buy this if it was released for Xbox, not sure I understand why these smaller studios make exclusive titles and cut off part of the potential market, I can't imagine the console companies would be re-imbursing them that well.

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