Alan Wake's 'The Writer' Arrives In Time For Halloween

We've known since May that Alan Wake's second downloadable content extension would be titled "The Writer". Last night, Gametrailers told us it'll get here on October 12. The pack costs 560 Microsoft Points.


    Ah, Christ... so I'm going to have to pay for this one?

    I'll be honest though, I haven't even played The Signal yet... would it be a good idea to wait until all of these DLC chapters come out, then buy/play them together? That'd be kind of like playing a whole game.

    I feel a bit annoyed at Alan Wake at the moment. I absolutely adored the game the first time I played through it, but the second time when I was more focused on getting all the collectibles... it just feels like a painful grind. Why did they have to add all that crap to it? The thermoses, the manuscript pages, etc... feels so detached from the atmosphere and it kills the game's charm.

      No one is forcing you to ever grind and get all the collectables in games. It's all optional, I usually just ignore all that crap.

      It felt like a painful grind after about an hour the first time I played it, I don't know what evil force could convince anyone to play it through twice - I guess if you are totally focused on finding the thermoses and the manuscript pages you could play it on mute and not have to listen to the god awful dialogue at least..

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