All The Ratings Of NBA 2K11

Last week we learned the NBA 2K11 ratings for all projected starters in the league. Today we find out where the teams rank in the game, due out October 5.

You may recall that Miami and the Los Angeles Lakers had identical average scores across their starting five. NBA 2K11, according to Operation Sports (which has the game early) rates the Lakers first overall (and first on defence, third in the league on offence) with Miami No.2. Orlando is the third best team.

The bottom three teams begin with Toronto at No.30, then Minnesota and the Clippers.

I imagine this could change if Carmelo Anthony heads to the Nets. Denver, with 'Melo, has the game's top-rated offence and is seventh overall. The Nets are No.25.

Also of note: Oklahoma City is No.5, which should delight their fans.

Secondly, Operation Sports has posted a video cycling through the game's menu and showing all the ratings for all the players - bench warmers and legendary teams included. You might recall that 18 teams from the Michael Jordan years, eight of them Chicago, 10 of them their rivals, will be featured in the game. They're all here, so check out how Dominique Wilkins, Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone measure up. There are also eight different Jordans, many of them rated 99. Those ratings begin at 5:54 of the video.

NBA 2K11 Screenshots: Team Ratings [Operation Sports]


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