And So The Process Begins Anew…

And So The Process Begins Anew…

Polyphony Digital boss and Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi tells Kotaku that despite throwing everything from karts to damage at Gran Turismo 5, still he wanted more. For that stuff, wait for GT6, due sometime in 2019.


  • God I love him and their team, they’ve literally never stopped since the first game, it’s just like a never ending project that will never be finished, but every now and then they release where they are upto…

    Gran Turismo 6 – Day 1!

    • I think our grandkids will be getting it day 1. We’ll have to wait for the bus to collect us from our nursing homes and take us to the shops on pension day before we can get our arthritic hands on it.

  • You have to respect the man, he has a triple A franchise that he WON’T let Sony butcher like Activision do with Call of Duty for example.
    He lives and breathes it to get it right for us and gives us more for our money than most other video games give you for the SAME money.

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