Another Look At NeverDead

Hey. It's been a while. Let's check in with NeverDead, the shoot 'em up that's chock full of self-inflicted dismemberment and decapitation. I think Konami's shoot-and-slice fest is looking rather promising. What do you think?

NeverDead, produced by Metal Gear Acid creator Shinta Nojiri and developed by Rebellion, adds a new element to shooting action games. Protagonist Bryce can yank off his arms, legs and head and throw them around the battlefield. Believe it or not, ripping one's limb off and throwing it at demons can be a tactical advantage. I suppose if you're an immortal, these things seem like common sense.

Check out a septet of new screens for NeverDead in the gallery below and keep an eye peeled for our interview with Nojiri for more details on the game.


    Looks spectacular. I'm guessing the limbs grow back automagically?

    A bit rough around the edges but other than that, this looks like a funny title to lookout for.

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