Anyone In The Market For A Metroid Prime Gunship?

First 4 Figures follows-up its Metroid Prime 2: Echoes gunship with a gorgeous 12-inch replica of Samus' gunship from the original Metroid Prime, and it can be yours for only $US300.

The Echoes gunship was nice, but I feel it lacked a certain something compared to the new Metroid Prime gunship. That something is really dynamic photos. Check out those angles!

This 12-inch replica was recreated from game files, filled with LED lights and rests on a swivel base that lets collectors display it at any angle they see fit.

It is very pretty. It is also pretty expensive, and limited to 750 pieces worldwide. If one wishes to own one of those 750 pieces, they should visit the First 4 Figures preorder page.


    If it had Samus in her zero suit spread out over the front I'd be tempted but other no.

    Oh, this looks pretty nice, I wonder how much it-

    I want it, but i can't afford it! :(

    I preordered this back in 2006 and they are only releasing this now, of course I canceled a year or so later.

    Don't buy from F4F, seriously they are the worst.

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