Apple Boasts iPod Touch The 'No.1 Portable Game Player'

Some gamers may not consider Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch platform a viable video game device, but the company's CEO sure does, calling it "the number one portable game player" on the market, just before introducing the iPod's latest iteration.

CEO Steve Jobs claims the Apple device has "50%+ the marketshare for portable game players in the US and worldwide", touting 1.5 billion downloads of games and entertainment titles for the device via iTunes.

"The iPod touch outsells Nintendo and Sony's portable game players combined," Jobs boasted. "It's been amazing."

iPods with game playing capabilities still have a way to go before they outsell the PSP and Nintendo DS on a lifetime sales basis, however. Jobs says the company has sold more than 275 million iPods, with 120 million of those being iOS devices. Nintendo reports it has sold more than 132 million units of its Nintendo DS since launch with Sony claiming to have sold more than 60 million PSPs over its lifetime.

Jobs unveiled the latest and thinnest version of the iPod touch at an Apple event in San Francisco today. The new iPod Touch features many of the improvements and additions originally found in the iPhone 4, including a higher resolution display, a new Apple A4 processor and HD video recording.

It's expected to ship next week with Apple's new Game Center software.


    Ah man, Quality over quantity. Sure, the iPod / Phone has some good games, but with the vast majority just being horrible flash-styled games, it's like comparing Hamburgers to Sushi. both are food, but both are different. Give my physical buttons and good games when I want a portable gaming session for longer than 5 minutes.

    is it surprising that it outsells the consoles everyone i know with one bought it as a music player and then things like angry birds come along

    its hardly a games device

    and IMO its a terrible music playing device
    (no physical skip/play/pause buttons you have to take it out of your pocket to do things i should be able to do with a tap while riding my bike

    he does realise that people use them more as a PHONE!!!! hence the name and a media player then they do as a gaming device right i expect the less then %1 of people who own one use it as a proper gaming device

      iPod touches can be used as phones? Really? Take a deep breath and before you start spergin.

      The "We outsell nintendo and Sony combined" numbers are also highly deceptive on Apple's part. Engadget noted it earlier.

      - Nintendo DS Alone has sold 132 million consoles
      - ALL Apple iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad) now total 120 million.
      - Of that 120 million, only a minor fraction will be iPod touches.

      If the iPod touch is nowhere close to approaching even the DS (hell, or even Nintedo altogether, let alone Sony combined) then there's obviously a lot of fudging going on.

      Yes I understand that iOS-only iPod touches are only the most recent generations and that there were 1-2 beforehand. However, it was only with the iOS update that Apple started trying to push the iPod touch as a 'gaming device', before there were no such aspirations and the horrible games showed.

        Actually the iPod Touch can be used as a phone. Search around and you will find out how they do it.

    Looks like Steve Jobs mis-read his information sheet and overlooked the column describing Nintendo hand-held units.

    i play more games on my ipod touch then i ever have or my previous ds or psps

    i think that jobs is wrong abotu being the biggest yet but they are clearly on the way to

    so many people who usually dont buy games, on the iphone they do.

    Only 0.6MP camera on iTouch 4?... comon Apple, you should at least include a 2MP or more.

      Why so surprised? It took Apple some time to start using the 3G network.

      And it was around long before the first iPhone was released.

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