Are These Really The Essential PSP Games?

Sony has announced a new budget range for the PlayStation Portable. They're called the PSP Essentials. So just how essential are they?

PSP Essentials go on sale from today, priced at AU$14.95. Most will be available on UMD (pictured) while the entire range can be purchased via download from the PlayStation Store. Sony's provided me with the following list of games that comprise the initial selection on both UMD and PSN. They are:

Avatar: The Legends of Arc Burnout Legends Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Daxter Endwar Fight Night Round 3 Juiced 2 Marvel Superhero Squad MX vs ATV Untamed Petz: My Puppy Family Phantasy Star Pursuit Force Ratchet & Clank Secret Agent Clank Sega Mega Drive Collection Shaun White Snowboarding The Sims 2 Sonic Rivals 2 Squad Command Super Monkey Ball Adventure Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMutant Wipeout Pulse

In addition, the PlayStation Store will carry some extra PSP Essentials not available on UMD.

For me, there's quite a few games on that list that are easily worth fifteen bucks, although you may already have them given how old they are. What are your thoughts? Do you see these Essentials reinvigorating your interest in the PSP?


    To me, some PSP essentials are;

    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    Metal Gear Acid
    Metal Gear Acid 2
    Crisis Core
    Valkyria Profile: Lenneth
    Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection + Tekken 6

    I'm sure there are plenty more but that's all I can think of for now.

    They arrived in stores this week - I saw some at BigW on Tuesday.

    And as is typical for every 'SCE' that isn't 'J', the boxes are ugly as sin.

    But their value is unarguable!

      That's no coincidence. All "Greatest Hits" boxes are designed to be ugly on purpose. Though these seem to achieve all new levels of ugliness.

      I think it's an attempt to preserve the value of the older copies with the nicer artwork for anyone who cares.

    Finally, Petz: My Puppy Family gets the recognition it deserves.

      !! I know, right? !!

    No Lumines or Lumines 2? Baffling.

    This couldn't be better timing in my case. I've for right or wrong recently returned from the dark side of CFW to OFW due to posts such as the value in Mini's as well as a fundamental disagreement with myself due to the flawed ethics of using a CFW PSP.

    As far as I'm concerned even though I own a PSP-1000 the UMD drive is dead to me and with the 8 Gb stick its digital distribution for me all the way.

    I've "demo'ed" a couple of the titles now in the essential range and will likely purchase one or two of them and actually play through them since I've invested some hard earned into them rather than look them over for 5 mins and move on to the next "demo".

    I feel pleased about my decision to move back to OFW before this announcement but it is a nice sweetener.

    Certainly some of the games are worth the price point, but is this a new branding for the platinum range, or does it sit alongside it?

    Even though I wouldn't be caught dead buying a game that was in either range (original boxart ftw! :D), just really think they should have made the entire platinum range at this new price point.

    where's Patapon 2?
    the UK list is much bigger/better, seems to be twice the number of essentials as we have....

    Burnout Legends
    Phantasy Star
    Pursuit Force
    Ratchet & Clank
    Secret Agent Clank
    Sega Mega Drive Collection
    Squad Command
    Wipeout Pulse

    Yeah... there's a few... most of them are schlock though... You know, Sims 2 was the FIRST and only game i ever returned.. it was the load time.. EVERY action sent the UMD whirring and you'd be waiting 5-10 seconds to your sim to actually do something... it was HORRIBLE...

    There are certainly a great many games i would add to the list of what should be essentials... in place of the other pap, though...

    A couple of those are worth picking up for sure!

    Sonic Riders 2 was TERRIBLE! Even worst than the first!

    i have locoroco as a psp essentials in my hand right now.... :S

    As stated, real PSP essentials are;
    MGS Peace Walker
    FFVII Crisis Core
    Petz My Puppy Family.

    Comparing this to the PSN store list...

    Ben 10 Alien Force
    EA Sports Fight Night Round 3
    FIFA 09
    Generation of Chaos
    Marvel Super Hero Squad
    MX v. ATV Untamed
    Petz: My Baby Hamster
    Petz: My Puppy Family
    Pursuit Force
    Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
    Sega Mega Drive Collection
    Sega Rally
    Skate Park City
    Sonic Rivals
    Sonic Rivals 2
    SpongeBob SquarePants: Yellow Avenger
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
    Super Monkey Ball Adventures
    Surf's Up
    Warhammer 40K: Squad Command
    Wipeout Pulse

    Pity, the ones I wanted aren't on the PSN store as Essentials... yet. Namely Burnout and Shaun White Snowboarding. I know Burnout is on the store, it just hasn't had the price reduced... still at $30.

    While my first vote for an essential has to be Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, it's not everyone's taste.

    How God of War: Chains of Olympus missed the essentials list is beyond me, though.

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