Are You A Designer? Want To Work For Kotaku?

Allure Media, the brains trust behind the beautiful beasts that are the Australian editions of Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker, is looking to hire a full-time designer to join the team. If you have mean skills with web graphics, Flash, and a healthy dose of video motion graphics expertise, read on.

This is a multimedia design gig in every sense. We demand sound web standards compliance capabilities with XHTML and CSS, sound understanding of cross browser compatibility issues, up to date understanding of web styles and technologies, high-level expertise with Adobe CS4, and some talent for motion graphics for use in web video.

Skills with PHP, Javascript, AJAX, frameworks, Linux, and a dash of video editing will also be highly regarded.

We're looking for someone who can single-handedly drive quality design efforts across advertising and editorial projects. Sound like you? Get all the details on how to apply over here.

Good luck!


    aww i would so apply.. if only i lived in sydney :(

      Apply, and move if you get the job???

      Would totally be worth it!

        i probably would except I'm just in the process of buying/moving in to a new house atm, so with that I can't really afford to just up and leave it all... Plus if I was to apply, it's quite possible David would really think I'm trying to stalk him ;) ehehhehehe

    I don't know how to do JAVA, flash or web graphics but I'd do anything to get a job at Kotaku....anything ;)

    Please take away the requirement for flash. Some of your larger flash ads kill my browser, and I have to stop coming to the website until you take the ad out of circulation.

      What Ad's? I have ABP on Firefox and see no ad's? unless I'm missing something...

      sorry allure... no ad love from me...

      Why don't you just get a Flash blocker? Either grab Flashblock for Firefox, Flashblock for Chrome, or ClickToFlash for Safari (the extension version, not the plugin). Don't tell me you're using IE...

      Would you be using a netbook by any chance? I've noticed that this site is pretty shocking on a netbook

    read it as "beautiful breasts" and was like o_0

    Might as well said
    "Can I please have teh dude that can do everything?"

    I hope you guys pay well otherwise you will get a dude who is mediocre at everything ;p

      Hey, awesome! I'm mediocre at those things, now I have a chance!

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