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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday from 1pm.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    hey david, i'm currently studying tax law as part of my business degree, just wondering if you claim all of your games as tax deductions : )?

      Don't answer this! It's a trap!

      It'll be event better when I leave Kotaku and find myself working from home. All those home office tax deductions!

    Happy Midweek, Goose!

    Still waiting for that email, you busy beaver :P

    How was your birthday weekend? You going to share what spoils of war you received - and consequently what percentage got thrown into the pile of crap :P lol

    Do you like your birthdays to involve gaming in some way, or do you usually use birthdays as a bit of a distraction?

    Also have you had any hands-on time with Vanquish or Bullet-storm at all? These are two games that seem to be hanging around on my radar at the moment..

      My birthday involved nothing game-related, certainly no games as presents. I played some Minecraft that day, but, well, I seem to be always playing Minecraft lately.

      I've spent some time with Vanquish and found it strange... but in a good way. The way you move - you can run normally, but the quickest mode of travel is to skid across the ground - is unlike any other third-person shooter. We're used to cover-based shooters encouraging us to bunker down and slowly pick off the enemy; in Vanquish it really pays to mix it up, skidding right up close for a melee hit, retreating behind cover, leaping out of cover in slow-motion, skidding to the next enemy, etc. I want to play the full version.

      I haven't played Bulletstorm at all.

        Damn... now i want to check out Vanquish even more...

        Also haven't really seen anything about minecraft yet.. but i noticed a couple people mention it here.. i may have to check it out...

          The demo's out. I ceebs waiting for the AU PSN store to update, so I started downloading from the US store. I'm not sure if it's out on XBL yet.

    When do you think Sony will announce Starhawk?

      I am starting to think this may have been canned.

    Have you had much (hands-on) to do with the upcoming Playstation Move? It seems to be slowly gaining pre-order momentum...

    Are there any games (stand-alone, or to-be-patched) that would justify picking it up at launch?

      Briefly. Can't say I've seen any games that appeal to me, to be honest. I feel like I've played the sports and mini-game collections already - and with far more appealing aesthetics - on the Wii. And playing games like Heavy Rain or SOCOM or Res Evil etc with Move controls appeals to me even less.

      (I feel the same way about Kinect.)

      I think it will be similar to the HD format war. At first nobody will care, but Sony's will have the best momentum/sales and end up victorious, then more people will get on board because its the only one.

      I'm going to try out the move. The Time Crisis Razing Storm package tickles my fancy and I would like to try some other fps with it. For launch there isn't much (they really should have tried harder, but at least it isn't as bad as Kinect) but I will probably pick up Kung Fu Rider.

        My fancy gets tickled with Razing Storm too (because that totally made sense)!

        Problem is, I'm pretty apathetic to everything else Move has to offer, so I feel like burning, what, $70 (maybe more with all the bits n' bobs) on a peripheral for one game is a bit much.

    Hey Dave!
    Do you know if australia will be getting that special edition of the game Splatterhouse that comes with the mask? also castlevania lords of shadow, is there anything special coming with that?

      Not that I've heard, but I'll put some feelers out and let you know.

    Hi Dave,

    what did you have for breakfast? I had a couple fried eggs on toast and it was awesome.



      That sounds pretty good. I had pizza. Nomnomnom...

        7 x weetbix

          dayum... You're not a rugby or cricket player are you?

          ...whats a nutritionist?

            Used to be a Rugby player, now I just ride my bikes (Cross Country, Downhill MTB).

      Two poached eggs with spinach, chorizo and grilled tomato, a large flat white and a fresh orange, pineapple and ginger juice. Thanks to Frames on Bourke St.

        Damn... here i was thinking my ham and melted cheese on toast was good.. i have an urge to make my "famous" creamy white wine chorizo pasta.. mmmm

          Dude... I had a small click-seal bag of dry Nutri-grain and some water.... what did I do wrong in life!

            Or you could just skip breakfast.

            No breakfast: the breakfast of champions.

              No Breakfast = The breakfast of a hungry chuloopa punching co-workers in the face...

              ...i get cranky when i'm hungry :D

    Dave, this your GOTY? :p

    Seeing as though you probably won't be around to announce your Top 10 of 2010, then it's fine to confirm this now! ;)

      i doubt it.. it's not built on that new Limerick Engine..

      Ha! Cheers for the link, I must check that out.

      My GOTY? I'd be very surprised if it isn't Civilization V with the likes of Dead Rising 2, Fallout New Vegas, BioShock 2 and Halo Reach battling out the top five.

        ... Halo Reach??... Really?...

          What's wrong with Reach, better pick that Black Ops. :P

          As for a question for David, was Bioshock 2 really that good? I may have to grab it at some point. And does Vanquish look like it'll have any sort of chance to hit your top 10? Not sure what it is about that game, but it's got my interest.

    Just wondering how you think the PS3 Modchip case will go.

      It's hard to say without hearing all the details. But I hope Sony win.

    Awww I think Qumulys and NotoriousR will be dissapointed to see that mass effect pic still up there! :0

      Oh man, I totally forgot about that!


        Can someone email this image to me?


            Wow. Just... wow.

              heh i hope that's the good kind of wow ;)

                It's either the good kind, or the kind that mean's he's getting a restraining order together as we speak... let's just hope the right picture was sent :|

      You mean the Mass Effect pic that is actually an Alpha Protocol pic?

        My thoughts exactly.

          hahaha yeah.. sorry bout that.. I was talking to the work experience kid about mass effect at the time, so i guess it just kinda slipped out! I shall send the pic David

    Hey Dave, I've always wondered, are you the only Australian writer? I don't see anyone else, other than the good game updates.

      Well that's just mean. :P

        I think he means Good Game updates, capital "G".

        Yes, I'm the only full-time editor on Kotaku AU. Luke is an Aussie, too, based in Canberra, but he works for the global site.

          Ooo... Canberra. Tell him to run some gaming events down here.

          oh no way! I never realize Luke was an Aussie... explains a lot really... lol

          Learn something new every day!

          Poor bastard has to put up with all those american comments *shudders*

          If you could use more Aussie writers, I could supply some reviews and the like.

          Good command of written English, written reviews and articles in the past, knowledge of consoles and gaming stretching from C64 to XBOX 360.

          I also have a massive appetite for pop culture, which is good with all the game-movie tie-ins. And yes, some of the developers got it RIGHT, like with The Punisher.
          (Tom Jane, not Lundgren.)

          I'm signed in with my Facebook account, so even if you can't get me here, easy to find there.

    Any further info on foxtel on xbox? Price? Availability?

      Neither, at this stage. All Microsoft is saying is "This year" and "We'll announce pricing and packages at a later date."

    Do you think Nintendo has anything to be worried about with Move and Kinect, in Australia at least.

      No, not in the slightest. The Wii has already been hugely successful, selling more hardware than the 360 and PS3 combined. It will keep selling, too, as it comes down further in price. It's only now reaching the sort of price at which the PS2 really took off.

      When the massmarket looks at a Wii (with Wii Sports or Resort) for around $250 versus a 360 with Kinect or a PS3 with Move for around $600-700, what do you think they're going to do?

    What would be the game that has had the most jarring soundtrack that you had to turn off to continue playing?

      Anything with one of those noisy, shouty, American so-called punk bands. Crazy Taxi, several of the Burnouts and even FIFA 09 stand out as egregious examples. Also, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero, etc. Terrible tracklists, all of them.

        Americans can't do punk, because they have no class rage.

        All the greatest punk bands (The Clash, Sex Pistols, etc) were able to draw upon differences between the upper, lower and working classes in 80's Britain and really lash out.

        Furthermore, the vast majority of current bands that call themselves 'punk' are really pop-punk, and shut be put out of their (and our) misery.

          **And by 'shut' in that last sentence, I really mean 'should'.

            ...pop-punk... god, nothing makes me more angry than pop-punk... :|

          Iggy Pop might disagree with you, but generally I'd say you're right. Except I think you mean the '70s rather than the '80s!

    Has Gran Turismo 5 have an australian release dat yet? Game says 2/11/10 and EB says 4/11/10.

      It's November 4.

    Where do you think the next Grand Theft Auto game will be set?

      Vice City... isn't it obvious?

      I don't know anything about it but following the Libery city thing, I would assume that this is odds on fav. In saying that, I have always wanted them to take a different direction, using the same gameplay mechanics but to a much more interesting time and place with new characters and vehicles....

      oh wait.. that is Read Dead Redemption!

        Gotta agree with Fatshady. It's clearly going to be Vice City. Rockstar aren't fools. They know it's what the fans want. They know it's guaranteed to add a couple more million to the sales. I would be utterly astonished if they do anything else.

          ... and you know what... I'll buy it. The original VC was my first GTA game having not been introduced to GTAIII.

          I can't wait for it either. I an just imagine how pretty it will look and loved the game, timeframe, location, etc etc.

          I am just hoping they learnt from GTAIV that the fun still has to be there. The early GTA's were buggy and full of problems but they were by ar the best due to their awesome gameplay. Gta IV lost some of that but the Gaay Tony DLC tried to fix soe of this. Bring back fun and Vice City and we are back in Business!

        yeah.. but god... wouldn't a futuristic GTA be AWESOME!?!?

          "But... wait. How would you hijack hovercars?"
          Is what I would have said if halfway through typing that a light bulb labelled "Jetpacks" didn't turn on.

          I approve of this idea. GTA: Back to the Future.

            The Delorian would definitely be a pre-order bonus.

            Also, when you get to wanted level 5, the army come in Mech Warrior style mechs... which are also hijackable...

            Some missions may involve 'hijacking' a robot (see reprogramming) then having to find a safe place to hide whilst you operate it via remote control.... Maybe even stuffing the thing with TNT for a hit job...

            Suicide Booths would also be included for a Futurama Homage.

        Well, sure guys...I had a vibe that this would be the case too. But I just thought I'd ask. Spark a bit of the ol' banter...and see look at all this insightful/amusing speculation. Good times. I'd love VC as the new's bound to be maximum neon-fun times all 'around.

    Redesigned d-pad.

      Can you tell me more about an australian release date?

        Sorry my bad didn't look, page 4... "looks sheepish"

          Glad to be of assistance!

    Is Blue Dragon 2 gonna happen anymore?

      Unlikely, given its paucity of success both in Japan and in the West. It sounds like Sakaguchi has moved onto other projects, too.

    What's your IQ?

      I don't know exactly... but I'd heard it's over 9000.

    Hi Dave, have you got any more details on the PC Super Meat Boy release?

    As I said in the 360 post, Steam seem to be arbitrarily changing the release date (currently at November). This is my most anticipated game of the year.

    As an N veteran, I'm totally looking forward to a new hardcore platformer :)

    Sidenote: I saw that you're playng Minecraft! SO much fun! I'm loving that at the moment! It's so different to anything else!

    Finally, has anyone played Armadillo Run? It's getting older now, but it's very fun :)

      Given that it's now the star of Microsoft's October XBLA promotion, I'd say Super Meat Boy won't be appearing on PC or WiiWare or any other platform for a little while yet. Xbox exclusivity, at least for a short period of time, would be part of the arrangement.

    Hey David, just wondering if you have played any of the Aveyond games, and if not I recommend you check them out. I am basically a console only gamer except for Fallout (because of the mods) Minecraft (But sadly I cannot play that anymore. . long story) and the Aveyond games (Because they are awesome!).

      No, I've never played an Aveyond game. Convince me why I should!

        Well basically they are top down RPGs by Amaranth games that follow multiple stories but are all set in different variations of the same continent. The games all have a nice semi cartoony art style (not exactly sure what it is called) . The fighting system in all (Bar the first named Ahriman's prophecy which is free btw) is turn based combat with you playing as warriors, thrives, magicians, shape shifters and more. The main reason I love these games is that they just have a way of sucking you in. I am not very good at pr so this kinda makes them sound like your average rpg but there is a free demo for all of the games in the series if you wish to try them out.

    I was wondering 'if I brought a ps3 game from Hong Kong would I be able to play it on my ps3 in australia in english. Also are games cheaper in Hong kong than they are here.
    the games im looking at getting are God of war 3 and battlefield bad company 2 , and maybe littlebig planet

      Yes, it will work on your PS3 as no PS3 games are region-locked. It will also most likely have an English langauge option too.

    Really really boring legal question you probably can't answer

    A few years ago there was a landmark aus court case regarding DVD region protection, the outcome o which was that all DVD players sold in aus had to be region free or able to be easily unlocked with some code on remote. The good retailers will tell you this when you buy one.

    It's great. I own a lot of R1,R2 DVDs

    I want to know why this verdict doesn't extend to games consoles given they can be used as DVD players? Only way to get region free is with a mod chip which is stupid - easier to just rip your DVD and watch the VOB.

      Are you asking why games consoles do not play DVDs from all regions? If that's true, I honestly didn't realise. And, you're right, it makes no sense at all given the legal ruling you mention.

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