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Every Wednesday Goose asked you to Ask Him Stuff -a tradition that shall carry on. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’m putting this up a little early today while some bigger posts get worked on.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Does anyone have any insider (off the record) news on the (buy outright) price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in AU?

    the hells going on with that bioshock novel?

    Will you be going to the TGS and uploading videos as you did with E3? I really enjoyed the ones you made for E3.

      Cheers! I really hope we do - we've had a few conversations about it, and it comes down to if the money is there for travel. I'd have to make a few episodes of the Floppy in advance, which is doable. But the potential for fun video stuff in Japan would have to be limitless, and personally I'd jump on any opportunity to visit.

    There's an interesting article from this weeks issue of the Escapist Magazine (270) concerning multiplayer games, and in particular, the lack of teamwork and leadership involved in FPS matches (

    Are you aware of any upcoming release or game in development which will encourage players to work co-operatively?

    Because frankly, playing online with a bunch of a*@£hats playing the lone wolf all the time isn't that much fun.

      Brink is still a fair way away (Autumn 2011), but their team, Splash Damage, have roots in competitive gaming. They started out as a clan, then became map makers, then modders, then a full-on studio.

      So at the very least, they understand how team-based FPS games should work, how to stop griefing, etc. I'm a little concerned that this is their biggest release yet, and it seems to have a focus on story which is unusual for them. But it'll feature a dynamic objective system that gives lots of points to people who fulfill support roles such as healing.

      I think developers are still figuring out how to achieve that kind of social engineering within level design, but Splash Damage understands it.

      Another one to look out for is Natural Selection 2. There are some good ideas, such as a dynamic alien growth spreading throughout maps, shutting down lights, locked doors etc as it goes. All tools used to make the game will be available to modders on release.

      Buy TF2 for PC

      Find a good server (I recommend servers, or the server)

      Profit. TF2 is one of the most Team-centric FPS's of all time. If you get good enough, you can head over to ozfortress and try out for the OZFL - here you will see unparalleled levels of teamplay. No one player can 'carry' in competitive TF2, if your teamwork is shot, you're fooked.

        True! How could I forget TF2.

        Reddit ftw. Best server in Internet history.
        Add me. We'll reddit it up one day

        steam Id: Tristosterone

    Cake or pie?

      I like my pastry snacks to not be lies

    What previous occupation did you have before games journalism / whatever it is you do at the moment?

    Also, first game you bought with your own money?

      I did lots of odd jobs as a kid to save up money for The Guardian Legend. It was too hard for me, but I loved it.

      And as someone below mentioned, heheh, I've done some retail, some door-to-door sales, some call centre stuff like sales and tech support...

      But immediately before I got into the games industry, I basically just played Counter-Strike for 9 months. Good times.

    Do you think Gearbox will allow the PC version of Duke Nukem Forever to have room for mod support and map editors and that kind of stuff, or that they'll give it the Modern Warfare 2 treatment, where the most features there are is things like "mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings"?

    I for one would like to see Hollywood Holocaust in glorious 2011 remake. And the rest of DN3D, I guess.

      It's hard to say. They definitely won't be as harsh as IW, but whether they'll allow for mods and mapmaking is up in the air. Gearbox and Randy Pitchford certainly command a lot more goodwill, and DNF is a fitting game for that type of stuff.

    Where are all the 360 Wireless Force Feedback Wheels??? Have they stopped makin them???

      If you're willing to pay for shipping from Geelong/Melbourne then hit me up ([email protected]), I've got one I'm trying to give away. Only used once too :(

    Can you make Bioware release another 1p KotOR?
    Failing that just get someone else.

    I'm keen would love to play ToR but have neither the time or putener to do so.


      I've just started playing KoToR 2 again.
      I know how you feel...

    Hey Jung, are you personally going to pick up any of the new motion controllers? I'm a bit of a tech nut so I'm probably going to get both out of interest, but my moneys on the Move. How about you? Cheers man, Hope things are well and you can stay on Kotaku for a while!

    Also, thoughts on Vanquish? (seizures over how awesome it is)

      I'll get each for review purposes, but I'm not personally interested in what they have at the moment. Having played Move and Kinect, the lag and gameplay weren't as awful as I'd expected. But they're still lacking the killer app for my personal tastes.

      It doesn't even need to be a quick reaction game. Something like an exploratory, modern Myst would suck me in. I'll def be checking out Vanquish. Loved Bayonetta!

    Do we know for sure if Duke "is" going to be released or is this just another pipe dream?? I really dont want to get my hopes only to have them crushed again...

      After Borderlands' success, Gearbox won't be going bust anytime soon. And they've shown they're competent game makers. I think it's gunna happen.

    What day does the new 5' floppy show up on GA every week?

      It's been flexible so far, partly due to smoothing out the production process, and partly to accommodate for embargo/release dates. We're aiming for Tuesdays at the moment. It should also get it's own GameArena page and RSS feed soon.

    Okay Jung, so how did you get from door-to-door salesman and technical support guy to gaming journo? Do you have some sort of degree or are you just showing up all those other guys with their fancy qualifications?

      I actually failed high school English and dropped out of uni, heheh. I know what you're thinking - what a role model!

      It was really just a matter of submitting a proposal to the ABC for a gaming show, and making the pilot for cheap. A lifetime of gaming is good training though, and playing competitively taught me how to analyse game mechanics at a high level.

      To be honest, education status isn't nearly as valuable in this industry as passion or networking.

    Am I nuts for thinking the two Prinny PSP titles are some of the best platformers they've released on the system?

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