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Every Wednesday I ask you to ask me stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    I take it there you'll not be making any TGS videos then :(

    Ah well. Shame. On topic though, what are looking forward to hearing about most from the TGS? Personally, The Last Guardian and ICO/SOTC Collection. Though I also will be eagerly awaiting news on Rising, Kojima's next project and any more info on the 3DS.

      *I take it you’ll not be making any TGS videos then? :(

      *What are you looking forward....

      Wow, terrible proof reading on my part.

      It doesn't look like it, unfortunately! This place is always moving & shaking & there's a lot going on in the tech sector. But the response to the E3 stuff was good so it'd be good to do something like that again. Especially after all we learned from the first time, it'd be a shame to let that go to waste, heheh.

      For me, it's all about The Last Guardian, you picked it. Can't wait for it. But also the rumours about a Devil May Cry 5 are interesting...

        I'll trade in a years worth of new games just to get Laste Gauardian. Anticipation doesn't even begin to describe the wait...

        Just saying.

    Will there ever be a "Remember this?" ever again?

      Ha! I'll do one today, just for you :P

        Yay! You're too kind!

        Junglist and Rupert, sitting in a tree...

    Sonic; Is he really the fastest thing alive?

      only on saturdays during the 90s. and in the archie comics based on that cartoon.

    I'm really looking forward to Warriors: Legends of Troy, is there any more info on that? Release dates, videos, previews, etc...

    What game should I make for Android?

      You should be able to bang out a Crysis clone no trouble eh?

      On my desk before the end of the day, thanks.

        Bah Quake3A has been done: That's good enough. Any original ideas?

      Digimon where you can battle other people wirelessly.

    What's up with stuff being released in NA on Tuesdays and over here on Thursdays?
    I mean, it obviously not always the case, but it does seem to be common practise.
    Is there a solid reason for it, or is it just something that's been going on for a while, so most everyone adheres to it?

    Do you know if we're getting a Rock Band 3 Super Bundle in Australia?

    Also, are we getting the Little Big Planet 2 Collector's Edition here? (The one with the plushie and the book ends)

      Yes, I've forgotten about that! Any info on the LBP2 Collector's edition would be much appreciated!

    Dear Jung, I would really like to see an Australian gaming show again that covers mature gaming for mature gamers such as myself. Online or onair, whatever. When are you going to do it?

      PS, where's my stinking Reach preorder delivery?

      Agreed! Are you going to be making new show Jung?

      There's unfortunately no page or RSS for it yet, but that's coming :)

        Good on you, podcast FTW.

        These are soooo GOOD!.
        Very informative, heaps of game shots.
        Love it!
        Mature reveiws FTW!

    Hey Junglist... can you chase up with Sega about the local availability of...

    Thanking you in advance! :)

      Waiting on a reply from them about this

    What's your education background?
    Media studies? Journalistic stuff?

    I just seems that you've got a pretty cool job, and I'm wondering if it was the path you picked, or you just kinda fell into it.

    Any positions going for people that could talk underwater? :) (I could possibly type underwater too, but I like the sound of my own voice so much).

      None whatsoever. I got a terrible HSC, then got a great score on a stat test, which is more like an IQ test that you can't study for, recognised by the govt. They then take the average of the two scores, which was enough for me to get into uni, studying Business Operations Mngmt but never finishing.

      Then I played CS:Source for 9 months and submitted a proposal about a show about games to the ABC :P

      If talking is your skill, and you want a career in games, video content is an option. Not many people have that combination of skills. Or perhaps PR, heheh.

    Hey Jung, Is there any games coming out over the next 10 years that do not have zombies in it.

    Look, I am as much a fan of smashing undead heads as the next man (can't wait for DR2) but it seems like every game has zombies in it lately or it is added as DLC?

    I just don't want this to become as cliche'd as WWII games became. I think it is already startnig.

    Is there anything you can do to sort this out for us... we are counting on you! (Retorical question really, but anyone have any thoughts on this?)

      I agree. The whole zombie/ninja/robot/pirate rivalry thing was fun for a bit. It seems like putting the word zombie in your game title nowadays must get you an extra 20% sales or something. Certainly towards the beginning of this trend, with games like Pirates vs Ninjas Volleyball, games would get more coverage just for having those characters in them.

      They'll keep making what sells though, and another thing to keep in mind is when you include aliens/zombies/robots/etc in your game, it's one step away from slicing up humans, which means an easier job justifying the game's bloody violence to ratings boards.

        Agree on the censorhip thingy. Wasn't that L4D2's issue, that their zombie type dudes were too human like. Call me old fashioned.. but I just want to kill regular people (I see this coming back to haunt me in some future court appearence???), or some other alien race, or even mutants with some plausible back story. Zombie game = phoned in excuse for justifiable violence.

        But if it sells, they will make it, until such a point where even a good zombie game will not get a look in because of the stigma attached.

          The fact they were too human, AND it was possible to hack the flesh from their sinewy husks and admire God's handiwork on an organic level while discarding their spine, kidneys, liver, ding-a-ling, etc.

    Handheld games? And does the hardcorest of hardcore to the core jung man play wii?

      Of course! Advance Wars was great. Professor Layton too. And I actually spent a fair bit of time with My Spanish Coach before my trip to Spain, haha. Mario Galaxy and MarioKart, must haves.

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