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Every Wednesday I ask you to ask me stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Did you get a response from Sega about the availability of Vanquish with the statue for the local market?

    I didn't forget... :p

      I'm glad you asked! They just responded.

      We won't be getting the statue in special editions unfortunately :( But they ARE getting some for promos, so I'm trying to get one for a competition.

        That settles it then... next stop Zavvi!!

        (I seriously doubt my talents in winning anything! :p)

    Will "Remember this" ever go daily again? :(

    Know of any places looking for a freelancer Jung? And how's the search for an editor at Themis going - got a lot of viable candidates?

      The industry is pretty tight at the moment. There's more than a few veterans in line for jobs, and a few starting up their own things out of impatience.

      We've got our new editor though - in a short while it'll be announced and I'll interview the person right here. You'll be in good hands. Funny hands, too!

    Posting this on behalf of James Mac cos he isn't around this morning, but wanted to know "how does a publisher support the multiplayer framework of a console game when they’re run p2p?"

      oops.. forgot to put this bit he added at the end :0

      "I’m not sure if that’s the best way to word it, but it came to my mind when I saw some comments on second hand games and the publishers saying that multiplayer is an unsubsidised ongoing cost.
      I’m not a TechHead, but I thought those things were run off of one persons network in games like CoD… which is why a game drops when the host leaves."

        Yeah true - there'd still need to be servers in place just to sort people into p2p matches, and I guess the different things they're trying now like DLC map packs would more than cover that. There's probably a critical mass with DLC to get in the green there, and games like MW2 are way above it.

        I don't think it would be too costly though, my bet is a game like FIFA would make that money back just by charging for something like the commentary's additional languages.

          Thanks to both of you.

          Can someone get WelBot a community service award for his efforts?

    Are you going to be staying on as Editor?

    Did you apply?

    If not, what are your plans for the future of Jung?

    I've been busy the last few weeks so apologies if i'm re-hashing.

    I'm a fan of PS Move, love the gladiator fighting, Have you heard if there are any WIP's for a game like 'Die by the Sword' or any similar?

      I think right now there's just Aragorn's Quest for that type of gameplay on Move, but there'll undoubtedly be more later.

      As for me, nah, I'll be here until about the 11th of Oct. Didn't properly apply, I was interested (who wouldn't be) but I've got a few video content projects underway already. After this my focus will go back to 5 inch Floppy over on GameArena :)

        You're right to stick with the video format, few people can do it properly.

    And yeh by Themis I meant Allure, but you know what I was getting at anyway. =D

    Where are the results of ?

      The Medal of Honor interview will be posted within the next few days, and Need for Speed a bit later, as it's embargoed atm.

    what are the odds dead rising 2 will arrive early?

      My copy of DR2 shipped from the UK today, so they are in stock right now. If you badger your local store, you might get lucky.

      Pirates were playing it yesterday :/

    I would like to know what your favourite games of this year have been.

    Personally (in declining order of goodness (but they're all still awesome)), I've enjoyed Peace Walker, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Red Dead, Reach, Alan Wake and I have very mixed feelings about splinter cell.

      I'm with you on God of War 3. I knew coming into this year there were 3 games I was most interested in. GoW 3, Starcraft 2, and The Last Guardian. Obviously we have a release date on Last Guardian now and it's nowhere near this year, heheh, but I've been hammering Starcraft 2 pretty hard.

      Really really would've liked to make the Diamond league, but there's not enough time to practice what with doing Kotaku and 5 inch Floppy, so I'll have to settle for the top of Platinum :P

      And of course, FIFA 11. But with me that goes without saying!

        Poor Jung, not allowed to play games because he has to write about them. Such a hard life :P

    Any news out of TGS in regards to King Of Fighters XIII ??

    Release date ?
    Character lists ??
    Impressions ???

    Whats Rare got happening that isn't kinect?

    What's the best site to look for the Professor Layton DVD when it's released in Australia?

    do you think the move and kinect should have waited till they actaully had some viable apps for the unit's

      It looks like Move is doing pretty well regardless. I'd say their crucial app right now is Sports Champions, which is a game that was always going to happen, and it's a no brainer, but the Bocce and Disc Golf are still really fun multiplayer.

      But yeah, core gamers are pretty much just looking at RUSE and Tiger Woods atm.

        Have you played Tumble yet? That was the killer app for me buying it. 15 bananas for 70+ level and 2 multiplayer modes.

    Hi Junggyyyy,

    Who's in charge of the Kotaku page on Facebook?

    Would it be whoever is editor at the time?

    Hey guys,

    Any chance of making this Friday's Matchmaker for NHL on xbox? Really dying to get some decent australian games going. With such a small following its hard to get low ping games.

    Do you think the PS3's move will actually work for them?
    Or is this just another fading fad?

    It's such a shame that one must always re-calibrate it.

    Do you know when or if star wars dark forces and GTA 1 or 2 will be released on the australian playstation store??

    If I download a PSP game from the ps3 store can I play it on my ps3?

      Doubt it. I think it's only minis that can be played on PS3 and PSP. Full PSP games like peace walker aren't playable on the PS3, I believe.

    Do you know when or if Star wars dark forces, sonic adventure, Gta 1 or 2 will be released on the australian Playstation store?

    Hey sorry about the repeat questions but, do you know if the Battlefield bad company 2 ultimate edition will be released in australia and if so when?, and where can you get it?

    We've been teased with maybe this or maybe that happening, but is there any chance of you staying as a regular Kotaku reporter and doing some sort of weekly video segment akin to what we saw at E3?

    It would be awesome. :D

      Yes the people demand more shirtless Jung...

      hang on a second...

      O.K, O.K... it seems the people demand more Jung, they make no stipulation on his shirtlessness.

    Why hasn't there been any news posted on Amnesia? I only found out it had been released incidentally and purchased it. My only regret is I forgot to buy new pants.

      They forgot?

      It was in The Week In Games, but I haven't had time to play it (and therefor post about it).

      But if someone wanted to do a Reader Review, that would be great. I'm hearing really good things about it but my game time is taken up with 5 inch Floppy reviews of late.

        LOL you're right and I even commented on it! Herp de derp, at least James got a gag out of it. I'd review it but I'm too scared to finish it. ;_;

    Jung, this is probably a common question, and I asked David this once, but I'd really like to know your thoughts...

    I know practically everyone who plays games these days thinks they're a games journalist, but how could someone who enjoys writing about video games (reviews or any articles) as a hobby, realistically turn it into something resembling a career? What are the steps you'd take? ...or is it more a matter of *who* you know and not what you know?

    Who you know is very important. Who you have beers with (and gel with) isn't as important as your writing ability, but that networking needs to be done. Getting in people's faces like that and staying busy are my best bits of advice. If you want to write, keep doing it, and submit it to whomever will take it. Take opportunities as they arise, and bug people for tips on how to write and analyse games better.

    I've called writers I respect before to buy them a beer and pick their brain. I brought along copies of PC PowerPlay or other stuff I wrote, just to get their opinions on it. But like I said above, the industry is a bit tight at the moment, which is a bit sadface.

    Any news of Final Fantasy Verses XIII at the TGS?

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